The 6 Best Dry Ball Sets for Better Washing (2023)


Smart Sheep Wool Dryer Balls are our number one choice to save time and energy.


Lorena Wilde

The 6 Best Dry Ball Sets for Better Washing (1)

Lorena Wilde

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Updated July 26, 2022

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The 6 Best Dry Ball Sets for Better Washing (2)

non-toxicDryer balls significantly reduce chemicalsin your clothes and linens versus fabric softeners and dryers. Most are reusable and are said to last up to 1,000 loads, or two to four years, depending on the laundry volume. Because of this longevity, desiccant balls are also cheaper than fabric softeners or dryer sheets.

In general, most brands can help reduce drying time by 30-50%, reducing energy consumption and labor time. Dry balls work by fluffing up clothes, keeping them in the warm airflow while naturally softening the fabric. They also improve air circulation, absorb up to ten times their own weight in water and prevent static charging and wrinkling. They are usually sold in packs of three to six. Most manufacturers recommend at least three balls for an average load.

Here are some of the best dry balls on the market today:

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overall better

Intelligent dryer balls made from sheep's wool


The 6 Best Dry Ball Sets for Better Washing (3)

While many dry balls on the market are made from 100% premium New Zealand sheep's wool, the Smart Sheep has claimed the top spot overall for quality, durability and performance while maintaining a similar price point to its competitors. Smart Sheep has also won numerous awards for quality and customer service.

The Smart Sheep differs from other dry balls in that it uses sustainably sourced New Zealand sheep's wool, hand felted in Nepal and packaged in the USA, providing a living wage to over 250 women and members of minority communities. The dryer balls are then inspected and boxed by housewives in Utah.

You can feel good about saving energy and reducing the chemicals that touch your skin, knowing you're supporting workers and their families.

Price at time of publication: $30

best budget

Snugpad wool dryer balls

The 6 Best Dry Ball Sets for Better Washing (4)

It is likely that many of the premium 100% wool dryer balls are made in New Zealand in the same location and then packaged by different suppliers. The Snugpad 100% Wool Dryer Balls are handmade from New Zealand wool and are cheaper or comparable in price to other versions. Bastron is located and operates in California.

On the downside, the product claims to be organic, but we couldn't provide any proof of third-party certification. However, a six-pack costs around $10Consumers tend to spendabout $15-$50 per year for dryer sheets or $50-$100 per year for fabric softener. These savings do not include the 25-50% you save on dryer energy use and less wear and tear on your dryer.

Price at time of publication: $12

the best wool

Good for the weather Coyuchi Wool Dryer Balls

The 6 Best Dry Ball Sets for Better Washing (5)

Unlike most drying balls on the market, the wool in the carbon-friendly Coyuchi Wool Balls comes from two farms in Bodega Bay, Northern California.pleasant climaterefers to the fact that these farms have adopted a US Department of Agriculture-approved Carbon Farm Plan that includes mixed measures to reduce their carbon footprint. For example, Coyuchi bought and planted trees and funded a solar-powered water distribution system that supports rotational grazing and protects natural soils.

Coyuchi also participates in 1% for the Planet, which means 1% of its profits are donated to a nonprofit that funds environmental organizations. Your purchase also benefits Fibershed, a non-profit organization focused on developing regional textile fiber systems that build soil and reduce dependence on low-wage overseas markets.

Price at time of publication: $29

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preferably vegan

Dragonfly Dryer Balls

The 6 Best Dry Ball Sets for Better Washing (6)

It's easy to find a wide range of dry yarn skeins, but relatively difficult to find vegan ones. Several brands claim to be vegan in their advertising, but are made from sheep or alpaca wool. Dragonfly Vegan Dryer Balls are truly vegan and made from 100% charcoal infused bamboo fiber. As an added bonus, charcoal is a natural odor eliminator as well as being antibacterial and antimicrobial. This label is handmade, soft and durable.

Not only do no animals are involved in bamboo production, it is also considered to be more sustainable than many other fibers. As demand is high, some outlets tend to sell out.

Price at time of publication: $33

Best for essential oils

Set of lã essential essential oil dryer balls

The 6 Best Dry Ball Sets for Better Washing (7)

Essential Wool Organic Natural Aromatherapy Dryer Balls are made with an essential oil container inside the ball. The unique and simple design allows you to put more oil in the center of the ball instead of on the outer surface. This means that the oil has to spread more slowly and evenly through the clothing and has to be refilled less often.

They use 100% New Zealand wool and your purchase comes with a small dropper to transfer your own oil. Only put the oil in one of the six-pack of dryer balls, which are gray in color so you can easily find it. The rest is white. They recommend purchasing a set of six for each different essential oil and provide a cloth pouch for easy storage. The company says this product is organic, but we couldn't find any third-party certification.

Price at time of publication: $17


Some people use dryer sheets or fabric softeners because they like the smell they add to our clothes, towels, and linens. Without them, clothing cannot smell at all or only slightly of fabric. Many drying balls are made from 100% wool and are naturally odorless.

If you want that "clean fresh scent" you can put a few drops of your favorite essential oils in an unscented drying bulb and leave to dry for 20 minutes. Then put them in the dryer as directed for several loads until the smell starts to go away. You can also experiment with different oils until you find what you like best. Lemon, orange, and lavender are popular for fresh-smelling clothes.

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Friendsheep Eco-Friendly Organic Dry Balls have the best features of the other premium options on the market. They are made from 100% premium New Zealand wool, hand felted, cruelty free and certified by Leaping Bunny. Perhaps best of all, they come in a variety of cute styles. Maybe you're a fan of majestic earth tones, bright and bold colors, or adorable animal faces like pigs, sloths, pandas, koalas, and penguins. Whatever you choose, these creative options can make your laundry day more fun and make eco-friendly gifts.

These balls can also be used as a natural, non-toxic dog toy or as a beautiful home decoration in a decorative glass container. You'll pay a bit more for Style Points, as they're about double the price of the Best Budget Snugpad brand, but it might be worth adding some color and variety to your life. Perhaps the hardest part is choosing which design to buy.

Price at time of publication: $32

final verdict

If you choose 100% New Zealand wool, your best choice is the Best General Fairtrade awardIntelligent sheep drying balls. But if budget is an issue, go for the simple and affordable.Snugpad wool dryer balls. Whichever you choose, you should be saving more time, energy and money than drying towels or fabric softeners.

What to look for in a dry ball

no plastic

The material they are made of varies, but don't be fooled. Many plastic dryer balls claim they are non-toxic and made from petroleum-based plastics such asPolyvinylchlorid (PVC). They can claim this because these claims are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and relate to the fact that dry balls are replacing chemical fabric softeners and dryer sheets. Therefore, when choosing a dryer ball, look for non-plastic materials.

natural materials

Many, many on the market are made from organic or non-organic New Zealand sheep's wool, with the occasional strand of wool made in the USA. It's worth noting that New Zealand's wool has come a long way, but the country requires wool producers to meet high environmental and animal welfare standards. You'll also find alpaca wool and rarely vegan bamboo or hemp. Regardless of the material, most claim energy savings, durability and the ability to soften similar garments.

More ways to make your clothes greener

If you're looking for ways to save more time and energy in your home, the laundry room is a great place to start. He canRate what you seeand how he handles dirty objects. There is aNumber of small changescan do to reduce water consumption and increase efficiency. some people toouse vinegarAreduce chemicalsUses and releases in our water systems.

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