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About 20% of Sleep Number bed owners report a problem in the middle of the bed, where the two air cells meet.

Some owners say there is a "valley" or "ditch" in the middle, while others report a "hump." There may also be a problem with one or both sides of the bed leaning towards the center, which can cause the bed to roll or slide in that direction.

The middle area can be uncomfortable when lying down and may be less friendly for intimate activities like snuggling, cuddling, and intercourse.

Sleep Number customer service may have solutions to problems with the middle part, such as:

Problems with the center of the bed are mostly reported by owners who use very different firmness settings for each side of the bed, e.g. B90-20. It can also be a problem if both sides use a fit setting that is too low or too high.

Choose your sleep count preference

The sleep count focuses on finding the ideal sleep count setting, a number from 0 to 100. As you may have guessed, the lower the number, the less air there is in the chambers and the softer the bed. The higher the number, the greater the air fill and the firmer the bed.

While many of today's beds are designed to offer a medium firmness, with an adjustable airbed you are not limited to just one option. Sleep Number puts the power of control in your hands! While it may take some time to find your dream sleep count setting, once you figure it out, you'll easily know which setting works best for you. At the same time, your partner also benefits from their own unique sleep settings, so there's no need to compromise.

Most Popular Sleep Number Beds

The most popular beds from the Sleep Number brand are the Classic 360® c2 and the Innovation 360® i8 smart bed. The former makes the list because it offers a lot of design for the price. The second one does because it has all the Sleep Number bells and whistles they offer.

Classic 360® c2

The Classic 360® c2 is the entry level of all Sleep Number 360 beds. No fancy foam layers. No expensive primer. Just 2 inches of fabric and foam in the namesake adjustable air chamber that basically makes up a Sleep Number bed. It's affordable for a Sleep Number mattress, and you can even adjust how firm it feels. It's a budget option, but with the most attractive mattress feature that Sleep Number sells.

Innovación 360® Smart Bett i8

The Innovation 360® i8 Smart Bed is 12 inches thick with a soft, breathable fabric cover. The i8's 6-inch comfort layer uses two different types of foam for support and pressure relief. There is also a special material on the mattress surface that emits heat to keep the mattress cool. This bed features two air chambers that you can adjust to find just the right firmness, SleepIQ® tracking, temperature compensating surface, and Responsive Air® that adds or releases air as you toss and turn at night to make the bed more comfortable. comfortable .

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Main disadvantages of Sleep Number Classic series beds

Fewer features compared to Sleep Number Performance and Innovation series beds

As mentioned above, the Classic Series is Sleep Number's entry-level adjustable bed. Performance series and Innovation series are obviously more feature-rich compared to Classic series. If you want a more supportive and comfortable bed, check this out.

Initial use is difficult

Given the relative complexity of this bed, trying it out for the first time can be quite confusing. People buy Sleep Number beds hoping to find that magical Sleep Number setting and instantly fall asleep in heaven. But it's not that easy, you have to give it a few days/nights and play with it until you find the dream number for you and your partner. Wait a few days and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Overall, Sleep Number Classic is worth your investment many times over. I hope this Sleep Number Classic review has helped you decide if the C2 or C4 is right for you, or if you should look into a Performance or Innovation series bed.

Sleep Number 360 C4 Bewertung smart foam bed

Sleep Number 360 C4 Reviews - (1)

The best sleep in a long time.

We bought this bed, my husband and I took a big bath in the middle of our old bed. We knew it was time for an upgrade. Needless to say, this bed gave us the best night's sleep in years. We decided to go all out and buy the Flex Fit 2 and it was one of the best decisions. Raising the bottom allowed us to relieve pressure on our lower backs and raising the top allowed us to sleep much better when one of us is sick. It also allowed us to relax and watch TV in comfort! We are very lucky to be able to purchase such a luxurious bed and we know it was a worthwhile investment.bofora

better sleep

I bought the C4 Sleep bed because I was having trouble sleeping on my oversized extra padded bed. I slept better immediately when I adjusted my sleep count. I later decided to try the sleep number topper as a complement to the c4 mattress and now a good night's sleep is even better.I just wait

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Sleep Number Mattresses: An Honest Review

  • We have updated this guide with information about new temperature balancing features in the Sleep Numbers 360 range of smart beds and in the futureClimate 360 ​​smart bed.

Spending thousands of dollars on a mattress that is mostly air by volume may sound just as ridiculous as overpaying for bottled water. But with a little marketing magic and a few enticing extras, real or imagined, anything can happen.dream number, the most successful brand in the adjustable air mattress category, offers 11 models with different levels of cushioning, all of which can be inflated to the desired degree of firmness with the push of a button. If you sleep alone and have a consistent preference for firmness, the Sleep Number is an expensive option. But for couples with vastly different preferences when it comes to mattress firmness, these adjustable air-filled chambers are worth a look.

Dream number C4 Classic

What are owner reviews?

Owner Ratingis a summary of what the actual owners of this product have to say about their experience.

GoodBed calculates owner reviews using a consistent algorithm and not an average of raw data. The algorithm counts how many reviews there are and how the reviews compare to other products. It also includes factors like review age, helpfulness ratings, verified ownership, and more. Click here tolearn more.


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What I discovered in various live chat sessions

After speaking with Sleep Number customer service representatives, I learned some additional details and clarifications that might help people decide between a P-5 or C-4 mattress.

  • mattress covers: Customer service reps told me that the C-4 has a plush mesh mattress, while the P-5's cover is a more luxurious pillow top style.
  • comfort foam layer:Customer service reps told me the C-4 has a 1.5 layer of comfortable foam, but the P-5 has a 2 layer of foam of their proprietary PlushFit foam, which is a bit denser and more supportive. .
  • popularity:The P-5 is Sleep Numbers' most popular bed. The salesperson I spoke to at a sleep store said there was a good balance between the pillow and the natural firmness of the air cells.

    jump to the maxSleep Count Check

    What people with back pain should look for in a mattress

    Sleep Number Bed Review C4 for 2020. My opinion. How did I do it? I adore?

    Given the subjective experience of mattress comfort, Huff stressed the importance of finding a mattress that has a long sleep test and is scratch-free. She was a fan of reclining air mattresses and Tempur-Pedic foam mattresses because both can provide a custom feel.

    In addition to warning against mattresses that are too soft or too hard, Jain recommended thicker mattresses and made sure to buy the right foundation for your mattress. Jain also stressed the importance of reading reviews before making a purchase.

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    What devices or apps can a Sleep Number bed connect to?

    The SleepIQ app can connect and share health information about workouts and fitness activities with a Fitbit or MapMyFitness app. Users can also connect to Apple Health to share sleep start and stop times.

    SleepIQ no puede conectarse a Amazon Alexa, Google Home o Nest Learning Thermostat.

    Sleep Number Mattress Owner Reviews

    Sleep Number mattresses are usually purchased directly from Sleep Number, so this is where we found most of the reviews online. Of the 34 high-quality negative user reviews we collected on theClassicSeries 10 contained complaints about problems related to alack of damping. This included reviewers who described the mattress as too firm, too thin, sagging, or poor pressure relief. Several reviewers noted that the Series C is particularly problematic for heavier sleepers, and others noted that adding a mattress protector made the support feel better.

    For negative comments about thePerformanceIn the series, we found far fewer complaints related specifically to the thinness of the mattress. But four of 26 negatives of good quality.innovationReviews of the series noted that the mattresses were too firm or offered little pressure relief. This is perhaps to be expected as these users paid much more for their mattresses and therefore expected more. Three in six Cooling Memory Foam owners complained that their mattresses were too thin, too firm, or lacked pressure relief.

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    Number of People Sleeping / Select Comfort Company Reviews and Reports

    The ratings below, based on consumer experiences and the Sleep Like The Dead test, show how Sleep Number stacks up against the average mattress manufacturer.

    warranty coverageD+25-year limited warranty, but owners often underestimate the warranty, largely because non-prorated coverage ends after the second year of ownership. And some smart bed electronic devices have 2 years full warranty. view sleep accountWarranty Details.
    return policyD+100-day trial period that allows the customer to return the bed after 30 days for an exchange or 100% refund less the return/delivery fee. The customer is responsible for preparing the bed components for shipment. As is often the case with other brands, there are no returns or exchanges on adjustable base, locking base, or demo bed models.
    Customer servicedo+Consumers generally find Sleep Number / Select Comfort's customer service to be similar, if not slightly better, than other major mattress manufacturers.
    This rating is the average of the company ratings given above.

    Sleep Number Mattresses Sleep Rating:

    Sleep Number 360 C4 Reviews - (2)

    Although the sleep number requires a 100-night sleep test on all popular mattresses, this sleep test has its conditions that you must follow:

    • You can only return the mattress for your money after the 30-night break-in period.
    • The sleep number provides the exchanges during the sleep test. The offer states that you can exchange the mattress for an upgrade to make up the price difference during the sleep trial period. Another offer is that in the event of a price drop when changing the mattress, the company will return to the consumer the amount remaining from the original price.
    • The company will provide a full refund for the product within 21 business days of the mattress being shipped to the company. In addition, the customer bears the shipping and transportation costs. The company must receive the mattress within 30 days, as Sleep Number will not accept receipt of the mattress for a refund after 30 days.

    Sleep Number Mattress Warranty:

    Warranty plays an important role in the consumer's psyche, especially when purchasing a valuable item. The dream number offers the customer a penalty period of 25 years as a guarantee. This warranty period applies to all mattresses in the classic, performance and innovation lines of the sleep number collection.

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    Sleep Number C4 mattress sensation

    Before we get into what the c4 feels like, let's decode what the Sleep Numbers model nomenclature is all about. The C is c4 means Classic, since it is a basic and standard model. The number indicates that hardness model numbers range from 2 to 10, and the higher the number, the moresofteryour number will be. This is because the higher quantity models come with thicker comfort layers that complement the inner tube.

    The c4 mattress is definitely onefirm mattress. It is notandfirm like the c2., the 1.5 inch comfort layer gives it some firmness along with the small layer of padding sewn into the mattress. Overall, the c4 seems like a good choice for side sleepers who like a sprinkling of pillows and plush.

    A handful of customers said the c4 offered good hip and back support, but they wished the comfort layer was a bit thicker. While this bed isn't the firmest Sleep Number option, it's definitely still pretty firm and should be for people who know they like extra firm mattresses. Of course, you can always adjust the sleep count to flatten the bed, but you won't feel too much cushioning thanks to the relatively thin comfort layer.

    Sleep Number Adjustable Bed Reviews & Comparisons

    If you're like me, you like to weigh all your options before making a major purchase. There is nothing worse than buyer's remorse! The goal of our buyer's guide is to help you make the most informed decision possible about your new bed, and that includes understanding how it works.Compare with other productsnot market.

    We were lucky to see some of adjustable air bedson the market and we compare them side by side to help you weigh the pros and cons.

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    Which Sleep Number bed is best for me?

    Before moving on to the recommendations, it's important to note that the sleeping experience on an air mattress can be quite different than more traditional mattress types, such as full foam or hybrid beds. For example, if you are a lover of memory foam, an inflatable mattress is not going to give you the same enveloping sensation that you like, no matter how thick the comfort layers are.

    Second, if you like to snuggle up with your partner while you sleep, double air chambers can prevent this and can be uncomfortable. Ultimately, these air mattresses are not for the budget-conscious, with the cheapest Smart Bed option starting at $999.

    How long do Sleep Number mattresses last?

    Sleep Number Bed Review C4 after 9 months of use. DIY Sleeping Bed for Waterbed Frame

    Respectivelydream number, Mattresses should last at least 15 years. However, your mileage may vary. Some reviewers say the mattress lasted around 10 years, while others say they've had their dream number for 20 years. Other reviewers report that the mattress didn't last very long and they had sagging issues.

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    360 C4 Smart Bed Fast Descent

    Sleep Number has three different bed series: Classics, Performance and Innovative. The largest in the Classic range, the c4 offers a fairly solid overall feel before adjusting to your body shape and size. It starts with the same foundation as any other bed, but has a thinner foam profile that still allows for contour pressure relief, but offers slightly more uplifting overall support.

    SleepIQ technology enables sleep movement, heart rate and respiration tracking via an app that must be downloaded to a smartphone. The bed can also adjust to your slight movements at night, with even more features available when you use the FlexFit base.

    Sleep number C2 and C4 mattresses: A complete review

    Any sleep expert knows that mattresses must have one of two main characteristics: firmness or softness. People often have to choose between one of the others when shopping for their bedding option when searching for the right mattress. However, the Sleep Numbers collection of air mattresses makes it affordable for individuals to customize the right mattress at the touch of a button.

    The classic Sleep Numbers 360 Smart Beds series offers adjustable airbeds for sleepers at an affordable price. Its C2 and C4 models have a support core with a double air chamber that allows you to vary the levels of firmness simply by adding or removing air with a single touch. If you're wondering whether to buy the C2 and C4 models for your home, this comprehensive roundup is for you.

    In this review, we'll rate the Sleep Numbers C2 and C4 models based on three key qualities to look out for:

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    Get sleep number C4 if

    • You sleep with a partner.The c4 has a built-in two-way adjustment so you and your partner can choose your own firmness levels.
    • You need additional support.The c4 comes with a 3″ gel comfort layer for enhanced cushioning and resilient proactive support.
    • You have the combined dream.The c4 has 50% more viscoelastic gel than the c2 model. This makes it feel a bit softer, suitable for all sleeping positions.
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