Sleep count pSE vs. Air-Pedic 650 smart bed (2023)

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Below you will find the most frequently asked questions, coming directly from our customers. He canclique In eachto see our responses.

Will you feel the separate dividers between each zone?

No, we deliberately created a system that allows divisions by zones, but not spatial separations, for a perfect feeling of support!

What is the difference between a regular 2-zone adjustable air bed and the Air-Pedic multi-zone air system?

Traditional air mattress designs only use a 2-zone system that allows you to change comfort and support on each side separately. Our multi-zone 6-chamber adjustable air system allows for the same dual lateral adjustment so you can change overall comfort from your shoulders to your legs, but unlike 2-zone systems, our multi-zone system also lets you tailor comfort levels specific support for the shoulder and leg region, independent of the mid-loin region. By using a dedicated 4-port pump instead of the 2-port pump used by other competitors, you can easily transition between your lower back, midsection, head and leg areas. This works great if you like more pressure relief in your shoulders but also want more support in your lower back and hips. For example, you can change the digital number to 35, where your shoulders are, and 70, where your lower back is, and you'll have twice as much support in the middle of the mattress, the area that gets a lot of air, spring, and foam mattresses. memory do not provide. Proper Support Even if you keep all three zones at the same pressure, the chamber dividers keep air from moving while the heavier central part of your body pushes air towards the lighter parts of your shoulders and legs. This is what happens in single chamber air mattresses and explains why the heavier lower back and hips sink too low, while lighter shoulders do not penetrate the bed and therefore allow for a similar spine position. to that of a network.

I've heard that your competitor's warranties don't apply to mattress foam. Does Air-Pedic's 30-year limited warranty cover the foam?

Yes! Our industry-leading 30-year warranty even covers the foam itself, with very strong drop coverage of just 3/4 inch! Visit our warranty page for more information.

When turning, do I feel a difference in the middle of the mattress in relation to both sides?

No, all of our Air-Pedic mattresses are made with a very flexible, inconspicuous core support that, combined with our edge-to-edge comfort layers, provides a consistent feel throughout the entire mattress with no dips or valleys and no bumps. central.

Why have I heard that some types of air mattresses can cause mold and/or mildew stains on the mattress? What is the reason for this? Is this a problem with the Air-Pedic?

Some of the competitors use natural (untreated) vulcanized rubber tubing, which can dry out and crack and crack, allowing mold and mildew to hide and multiply over time. Our Air-Pedic uses 100% urethane bladders that are naturally resistant to bacteria and mold without the need to add chemicals, making it safe enough to use in a hospital setting and less of a concern for those who may be sensitive to treatment chemicals. used to kill mold.

Should I be concerned about air leaking through the seams in the chamber walls?

No. Not only are 15 mil Air-Pedic Walls considered very thick due to the very strong and durable 100% urethane material, but unlike rubber and vinyl, they do not require adhesive and instead form an airtight seam and durable by RF (Radio Frequency) welding. That's why we can offer an industry-leading 30-year warranty.

Is the pump silent and starts in the middle of the night?

We extensively tested the pumps on the market and opted for one with special soundproofing. Despite this particularly silent technology, our pump still inflates extremely quickly. Our bombs even have a one-second delay feature that prevents them from turning on if you accidentally drop them in the middle of the night. Plus, with our HF-welded airtight chambers, you can really set it and forget it, as it continuously traps air and rarely needs adjustment once you've got it set perfectly. Although Sleep Number advertises that their 360 beds will be adjusted while you sleep and therefore the pump will be turned on in the middle of the night, we have reviewed the research and decided that this is not a good idea and we definitely do not want to produce a mattress that moves or changes during your sleep cycles. Research shows that any kind of inconsistent movement, sounds, and other changes during sleep often knock you out of the deeper sleep phase that our bodies desperately need.

How can Air-Pedic make hoses flexible when many other types of urethane and rubber hoses are rigid and unforgiving?

The flexibility of our cameras comes from the fact that we use thick 100% urethane, eliminating the need for a rigid nylon liner to hold them. This allows the tube to flex a little under your weight, avoiding bottoming problems that occur with non-flexible tube systems.

Does the Air-Pedic 1100 feel like a foam mattress or a traditional pillow top mattress?

It looks more like a traditional pillow, only much better! Overall, the layers are springy and soft, so you're still completely free to move, but with the addition of our flexible memory foam in the middle layer, motion transfer becomes less than traditional pillowtop mattresses. , the most cloud-like comfort found in a product with a padded surface!

Is the foam used in the CertiPur-US Air-Pedic certified?

Yes, it is fully certified by CertiPur-US for its low VOC (volatile organic compounds) and eco-friendly properties. Plus, all of our foam is high density and made right here in the USA, which allows us to guarantee it for a full 30 years.

Can Air-Pedic mattresses be used with an adjustable bed?

Yes, we now make all Air-Pedic mattresses with a very special slotted rail system that allows you to fold and mold adjustable mattress bases to perfection.

Does the optional patented Airflow Transfer System really help you sleep cooler than other mattresses?

Yes! The patented airflow transfer system has been implemented to move your body heat away from you, allowing cooler air to flow through the top layer for a cooling effect. Other mattresses may claim to have ventilation on the surface of the foam, but without airflow channels underneath there cannot be an open circulation effect. Other mattresses claim to have airflow under the foam layers, but it's a known fact that high-quality foam, especially high-density memory foam, doesn't breathe well. Only our patented airflow transfer system offers both, allowing many small holes to connect to the open channels below, creating full airflow.

Do you feel the tiny holes in the optional airflow transfer system when you lie down on the mattress?

No. Due to the soft and highly conformable properties of the foam, as well as the small diameter of the hole size, you won't feel the holes with your body and when the cover is on, you won't even feel them with your hands. . The mattress feels soft, silky and supportive.

Are all those little holes used in the optional airflow transfer system weakening the foam and causing it to break?

No. We spaced 1" between the foam holes so there is more than enough foam between them to maintain strength. Also, the foam's compressive strength (the aspect of foam that determines its longevity over time) is not affected at all through the holes, but the ventilation they allow makes the foam last even longer, as heat and sweat are enemies of all foam!


Does Sleep Number feel like an air mattress? ›

People have also complained about Sleep Number beds being uncomfortable. Some talk about the bed deflating too often and others say it simply feels like a glorified air mattress. Also, depending on the model you receive, some Sleep Number's don't come with a cushioned mattress pad, making the bed feel extra firm.

What bed compares to the Sleep Number? ›

The most comparable bed to Sleep Number is the Saatva Solaire. While other mattresses offer a similar feel or an adjustable base, the Saatva Solaire actually has adjustable air chambers. This makes the experience very similar to what you expect from a Sleep Number bed.

Do smart beds help with sleep apnea? ›

Its existing line of smart beds already tracks biometrics such as your heart rate, heart rate variability, and breath rate, but the new 360 smart bed will be able to monitor and detect nighttime events — like insomnia, sleep apnea, temperature monitoring, and more. Like we said, it could potentially save your life.

What is most popular Sleep Number bed setting? ›

According to Sleep Number representatives, the most common Sleep Number is somewhere in the 35-40 range. With 0 being the softest bed and 100 being the firmest.

What is the lifespan of a Sleep number bed? ›

Ordinary mattresses tend to need replacing every 8-10 years, but the Sleep Number 360® smart bed is designed to last 15 years or more. Sleep with confidence, as any warranted repair or replacement is also fully covered the first year, then prorated based on your purchase date.

What happens to a sleep number bed when the power goes out? ›

If the power goes out, a Sleep Number® bed will simply stay at the same Sleep Number® setting it was at before the power went out, and you can resume your ability to make a comfort setting change, when the power comes back on.

What is the most affordable Sleep Number bed? ›

The most budget-friendly option is the Sleep Number 360 Smart Mattress c2 with a price of about $1,100.

Is a Sleep Number bed good for bad backs? ›

The Sleep Number® bed contours to your neck, shoulders, back and hips*, providing support and even weight distribution to relieve pressure points and help reduce pain.

Can you negotiate at Sleep Number? ›

Around one-third (36 percent) of our respondents haggled for a lower price at Sleep Number. Besides Mattress Firm, only Sleep Country, a Canadian retailer, had more shoppers trying to make a deal (45 percent).

What is the most comfortable Sleep Number? ›

Sleep Number settings range from 0-100, and your number will be an increment of five. The higher the number, the more firm the bed will be. Most people have a Sleep Number between 30-60; any lower than 30 or higher than 60 will result in a bed that will (most likely) feel uncomfortably soft or hard.

Should you lay on Sleep Number when adjusting? ›

We recommend sleeping at your Sleep Number® setting for two to five nights. If you're not comfortable after that, try adjusting your setting by 5 or 10. Increasing your setting—for example, from 35 to 40—will provide a firmer mattress. Decreasing your setting—for example, from 35 to 30—will provide a softer mattress.

What are the cons of a smart bed? ›

  • Design issues. Mattresses with two separate air chambers are more like two separate beds, with a foam insert in the middle. ...
  • Noise. Adjustments are accompanied by a low buzzing sound that may disrupt light sleepers.
  • Potentially unnecessary extras. All Sleep Number beds have smart features included. ...
  • Price.
Dec 10, 2021

Which sleep apnea device is best? ›

The best device for sleep apnea is a CPAP machine, which provides Continuous Positive Airway Pressure to hold the airway open, allowing you to breathe without obstruction. Oral appliances are a great alternative for those who cannot tolerate CPAP.

What is the best position to sleep with sleep apnea machine? ›

Left and right side: The posture of your upper airway on either side may help to open up space for you to breathe while in this position. If you are not obese and have mild OSA, left-side sleeping may be recommended as "positional therapy" for this reason.

Can bed bugs live in a Sleep Number bed? ›

Yes, of course you can get bed bugs with Sleep Number beds. These are also basically beddings and can harvest bed bugs if it is in a bed bug infested place. These Sleep Number beds need to be meticulously cleaned to keep them free from bed bug infestations.

Do Sleep Number beds ever sag? ›

Sagging. As we mentioned earlier, most air mattresses feature a single air chamber. When this air chamber isn't completely full, the surface of the mattress sags in the middle. This happens sometimes with Sleep Number mattresses.

Will Medicare pay for a new mattress? ›

Medicare Part B covers much of the cost of medically necessary mattresses and beds. If a doctor and Medicare decide that it is medically necessary for you to have a specific mattress or bed, they will consider it durable medical equipment (DME).

Do Sleep Number beds have to be plugged in all the time? ›

A: Yes, plug in to inflate and leave plugged in if you want the bed to automatically adjust firmness to the selected level. If you don't want to use this feature, you can unplug the bed after it is inflated and pl… see more.

Why does one side of my Sleep Number bed keeps deflating? ›

Air loss can be caused by a loose or broken connection, or a leak in your air chamber, pump, or hoses. Complete troubleshooting to fix the problem. If you have already completed troubleshooting for Traditional Sleep Number beds, follow the appropriate link to provide the results of troubleshooting: Hose Swapping.

Can you move Sleep Number bed without deflating? ›

You will need air chamber caps in order to move your bed. These are small white plastic caps that should have came with your bed.

Why is my Sleep Number bed not comfortable? ›

Your bed may feel softer than usual when one of you leaves the bed or rolls over to the other side. You can use the SleepIQ app or remote to adjust your Sleep Number setting or wait for Responsive Air to make its next adjustment. Responsive Air adjustments are designed to be quiet, subtle, and not too frequent.

How can I make my Sleep Number bed more comfortable? ›

If you're still not comfortable you can try changing your setting by 5-10 and leaving it there for a few nights. Adjusting a little at a time can help you find the perfect combination of support and pressure relief. You might also need a new pillow. Our pillow quiz can help you choose the right pillow.

Are Sleep Number beds good for back pain? ›

The Sleep Number® bed contours to your neck, shoulders, back and hips*, providing support and even weight distribution to relieve pressure points and help reduce pain.

Why does my Sleep Number bed feel like a bubble? ›

This is normal. Allow a couple of days for the foam inside your mattress to expand. Filling your bed to its fullest setting can help fill out the corners and surface when you are not sleeping in the bed.

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