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Another advantage of Sleep Number is the financing options. For purchases between $3,000 and $5,999.99, there is a 24-month financing plan that you can opt into. Other financing options include 48-month financing on purchases of $8,000 or more, or 36-month financing on purchases of $6,000 $7,999.99, which would work well if you're looking for a base and/or other bunk number .

Sleep Number 360 I7 Smart Bed Review

Editor's Note: The Sleep Number 360® i7 smart bed is no longer available, but I recommend you check out one of its siblings, theI am number 360 i8Smart Bed, another inflatable bed that focuses on customization.

Sleep Number is a bedding company that sells mattresses, bedding, pillows and box springs.When it comes to mattresses, they only sell air mattresses.Regulate the air pressure of the beds at the push of a button and enjoy an individual degree of firmness. Even better, certain bed sizes include two air chambers, so you and your partner can sleep with varying levels of comfort and support.

In 2017, Sleep Number joined the Smart Bed bandwagon and introduced its 360 Smart Beds range. These beds automatically adjust your sleep count setting and the position of your head and feet in response to sensors monitoring your movements.

Today we are looking at the Sleep Number 360® I7 model. When it first launched, Sleep Number boasted that it cost about the same as a traditional memory foam mattress, but it offers so much more! Check out all the extra features these smart beds promise, along with the overall feel and firmness of the mattress itself.

Pros and Cons of Sleep Number Mattresses

In a way, Sleep Number mattresses are like all others: the top part is the comfort layer, while the bottom part provides support.

But instead of layers of support foam or amole system, the bottom of a Sleep Number mattress has an adjustable air chamber. It can be inflated or deflated to your preferred level of firmness.

Unfortunately, Sleep Number does not reveal what the comfort layer consists of. Reviewers describe it as comfortable, but not necessarily luxurious. Some Sleep Number mattresses have thicker comfort layers.

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What we think about sleep number mattresses

Overall, we believe you can get a more comfortable mattress for a lot less. But if you insist on Sleep Numbers' customizability because you and your partner can't compromise on firmness and you're on a flexible budget, we think this ticks all the right boxesperformance seriesjinnovation seriesmattresses and therefreshing memory foamIt is worth considering the mattress. the cheapestClassic seriesmattresses and theeconomy bedThe lines are too fine for most people. If you like a soft mattress with good support, you should spend more on the Innovation series beds, which have thicker padding.

In addition to SleepIQ, Sleep Numbers' marketing is also promoting a technology that claims to help you fall asleep faster with a foot warming feature. In theory, you could also control your partner's snoring by raising the top on your side of the bed. However, these features are only available with the company's adjustable bases, which retail for $1,200 to $2,400 for a queen.

This is how the mattresses stack:

How much does a blood pressure monitor cost?

M7 vs I7 Sleep Count - HealthySleepClub.com (1)

Modern blood pressure monitors are priced from £25 to £125 depending on type, brand and feature set. More expensive devices are generally more accurate and offer a wider range of features such as a Bluetooth interface or a fully wireless experience.

for a list of some of the best blood pressure monitors available in the UK included in our review.

Use:We may receive a commission from Amazon if you purchase a featured product after clicking one of our links. However, this does not affect the neutrality of this publication.

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How to choose the right model

There are several resources and ways to help you decide which mattress is best for you.

In line:

The Sleep Numbers website provides details, photos, FAQs and images for each Sleep Number bed. They enable potential customers to compare models across series and toLive-ChatResource that should answer almost every question. Humans can tooget an offeror shop online and via live chat.

In stock:

Sleep Number sells its beds in Sleep Number stores across the country. Sleep Number customer service couldn't tell me exactly how many stores there are, but they estimated around 400.

Sleep Number Stores can befound nationwide, including Alaska and Hawaii. There are no international stores at the moment.

An in-store sales representative can help visitors find their dream number and guide them to the right model. They have a variety of outdoor beds andavailable for testingwhen a person wants to feel one before making a purchase.

The beds come with a 30 or 100 night trial period and a 25 year limited warranty.

Rails and paneling with supportive foam inserts for Select Comfort Sleep Number beds

  • We do not sell Sleep Number® foam bed parts.

Over time, the structural foam parts of a Sleep Number® bed can crack, causing the bed to sag and roll toward the center.

Use AIRPRO's nylon-reinforced support foam rails to fix the Sleep Number® bed's sagging by connecting the air cells together and add a support foam insert to take up the extra space inside the mattress cover.

The zippered cover on your Sleep Number® bed can stretch like your favorite pair of jeans after years of use. The fabric may become thin or the support foam insert may tear and the foam rails may bend or sag.

Our air mattress inserts and supportive foam mattress protectors are designed for use with all Sleep Number® beds from Select Comfort®, Comfortaire®, Sleep Comfort, Somma, Sealy, Serta, Land and Ski and more.

  • We do not sell Select Comfort® or Sleep Number® branded support foam items and are in no way affiliated with Select Comfort® Corp. tied together.
  • We do not sell Boyd®/Boyd Specialty Sleep® and Amnat®/American National® brand foam products and are in no way affiliated with the Boyd®/Boyd Specialty Sleep® and Amnat®/American National® companies.

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Ratings and reviews Frequent compliments

  • Couples love being able to adjust the firmness of their side of the bed individually.The dual air chambers available on most models mean that someone who prefers a firmer bed doesn't have to compromise with a partner who likes more cushioning. if the person likessleep on your sideand others don't, they have a great solution here.
  • People with back problems or medical conditions that require them to sit in different places love the flexibility of the Sleep Number beds.You can adjust the firmness of your bed for a few nights if needed and raise/lower the head of the bed with an adjustable FlexFit base depending on your current needs.
  • The Sleep Number bed was praised for its durability and durability.People have returned to the Sleep Numbers website to say they have been in bed for over 10 years and still feel great. Of course, not everyone is able to stay comfortably in their bed for a decade without getting into trouble, but people tend to have their Sleep Number bed for a long time.

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Owner reviews of Sleep Number mattresses

Sleep Number m7 Legacy Memory Foam Modular or Adj. QVC Mattress Set

Sleep Number mattresses are typically purchased directly from Sleep Number, which is where we find most reviews online. From the 34 high-quality negative user reviews we collectedClassicSeries 10 contained complaints about problems related to alack of cushioning. This included reviewers who described the mattress as too firm, too thin, sagging, or with poor pressure relief. Several reviewers noted that the C-Series is particularly problematic for heavier sleepers, and others noted that the support felt better after adding a mattress protector.

For negative comments about thePerformanceIn the series, we found far fewer complaints that specifically related to the thinness of the mattress. But four of 26 negatives of good qualityInnovationSeries reviews noted that the mattresses were either too firm or offered little pressure relief. This is perhaps to be expected since these users paid a lot more for their mattresses and therefore expected more. Three out of six Cooling Memory Foam owners complained that their mattresses were too thin, too firm, or lacking pressure relief.

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Comparison of Sleep Number mattresses

The lower end of each price range refers to the size given in the table. Top End refers to a California King Split or Resilient Top unless otherwise noted. Split and flextop mattresses are the same price: a split mattress is for a base that fits only the upper body, a flextop mattress for one that fits both the upper and lower body, and they cost about $200 per month, $600 more than a regular same size mattress.

Dream number of the classic seriesSleep Number Performance-SerieDream Numbers InnovationsserieMemory foam sleep number
10 inches12 inches13 inches12 inches11 inches10 inches11 inches

Modular and adjustable bases

Since Sleep Number is all about individual comfort, it's no surprise that they also make different types of mattress pads.

Sleep Number manufactures a modular base and three different adjustable bases for their mattresses: FlexFit 1, FlexFit 2 and FlexFit 3.

Note: A Sleep Numbers modular or adjustable base is not the only base that will work with a Sleep Number mattress.All that is required is a stable, level surface for the mattress, otherwise the warranty could be void.

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Is the Sleep Number 360 I7 smart bed right for you?

Now that we've covered everything you need to know about the Sleep Number 360® i7, here's a rundown of why it might be right for you:

  • you sleep warm The Sleep Number 360® i7s' temperature regulation technology seems to get the job done and is particularly unique as the memory foam tends to trap heat.
  • They love viscoelastic foam.The 360® i7 is theonlySleep Number memory foam bed. If you are a memory foam fan, this would definitely be your choice!
  • You want to equip your bedroom with technology.There's a lot included in this bed, from in-app integration to responsive air technology and adjustable head and foot positions. If you like data and technology to enhance your sleep experience, like all Sleep Number smart beds, the i7 has you covered.

Disassembling the adjustable/modular base

M7 vs I7 Sleep Count - HealthySleepClub.com (2)

  • 1Remove all mattress supports.Retainers keep the mattress in place. Use a 7/16" socket wrench to loosen the hex head screws that attach the bottom of the mattress to the adjustable base. XResearch Source Keep screws and hardware components in a safe place to use when rebuilding the mattress. This completes the disassembly of the Sleep Number bed if you are using an adjustable base.
  • If you are dismantling a modular foundation, continue with the remaining steps.
  • 2Slide all platform panels off the bed frame.Each deck panel slides to the left or right of the bed. XResearch Source You should not need any tools to move the cover plates.
  • 3Remove the legs and side rails.Loosen the wing nuts and separate the legs from the base of the bed frame. Slide all of the pins from the side rails and support beams and place them in the hardware bag.
  • Place all deck boards and support beams in a shipping carton. This prevents components from being damaged during transport. search source

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    Colchão top budget sleep number: O Classic sleep number

    The Classic series is Sleep Number's most basic collection, making it the most affordable option. These mattresses have thinner layers between the air chamber and the top of the mattress, resulting in a firmer feel that may not be for everyone.

    The Classic series offers a choice of two mattresses: the c2 and c4 models, with the main difference being the thickness of the comfort layer within the mattress design.

    Sleep Number S1 und S3 Value Bed Series Review

    The Value bed series, also known as the Legacy series, consists of the s1 and s3 beds. This is the only series of idiot beds. This does not fall under Sleep Number 360 Smart Beds. The s1 and s3 are a bit semi-smart, however, as they still have Dual Air and SleepIQ technologies. The only smart tech missing is Responsive Air technology.

    1. Sleep number s1 bed rating

    Key features of bed s1

    • This is Sleep Number's most basic bed
    • Thickness: It's 10 thick, it's 2 thicker than 8 c2 mattress
    • Firmness: It is one of the firmest, scoring 6-7 on the firmness scale. This is the same firmness as sleep number c2
    • Comfort Layer: 1.5 thick and the thinnest of all Sleep Number beds. The 5-zone comfort layer is designed to conform to the body and reduce stress on pressure points in the 5 zones of the head, neck, lower back, hips and feet.
    • Price: $999 for a queen bed
    • Smart Technologies: The s1 is a semi-smart bed with SleepIQ technology that measures your heart rate, how long you slept, etc. However, it lacks the Responsive Air technology that is responsible for automatically changing the firmness
    • Dual Air Technology - Yes, both partners can have their own independent sleep counts/strengths on Queen and King models. However, you only get 1 remote control for the entire bed.

    2. Check the sleep number s3

    Key features of the s3 bed

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    Dream number test and guarantee

    Sleep Number offers a 100-night trial that begins the day your new mattress arrives. The company asks you to give yourself 30 nights to get used to your new mattress.

    If you are not satisfied after 30 nights and before the 100-night trial expires, please contact the company to arrange a return or exchange. This is a necessary step as Sleep Number needs to approve all returns. Some accessories, including mounts, cannot be returned.

    Postage and delivery charges apply to all permitted returns. In some cases, the only return shipping option available may mean that Sleep Number will collect the product at your expense. Returns cannot be processed in retail stores.

    Sleep Number mattresses are guaranteed for 15 years.limited warrantyagainst defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. If you make a claim during the first year of warranty, you do not have to pay the repair costs, but you can pay the shipping costs.

    The costs increase significantly after the first year. Until year 11 you are required to pay 30% plus 5% for each year from the date of purchase if you have a claim. From the 11th to the 15th year, you assume 85% of the costs in the event of a claim.

    Warranties for Sleep Number accessories vary.

    Sleep Number Bed Model Specifications and Price Reviews

    Sleep Number m7 Legacy Memory Foam Modular or Adj. QVC Mattress Set

    • Not includedThe prices below include shipping, which can be free or $200.
    • Not includedThe prices below are temporary sales prices or special offers.
    • Not includedin the prices below is a base/foundation. It is not necessary to purchase a Sleep Number pad as any pad or box spring that can adequately support the mattress and bed will do. However, if a suitable underlay is not used, the mattress guarantee will be void.
    • Not all mattress sizes are necessarily listed below.

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    Additional benefits of Sleep Number beds

    1. Fits your body

    Like a memory foam mattress, Sleep Number inflatable sleeping mattresses can mold to your body if you don't over-tighten them.

    2. Light weight

    Sleep Number AIR mattresses are lightweight compared to most latex, memory foam, and innerspring mattresses.

    3. No gas emission

    Memory foam mattresses in particular may have a slight rubber/chemical odor for the first few days, but not Sleep Number mattresses.

    4. Ready to use

    There is no need to have the mattresses decompressed to their original thickness after delivery to your home. You can sleep in it once it's assembled.

    5. Great customer service

    Good customer service, spare parts readily available and easy to repair. However, it's not uncommon for people to complain about long wait times when it comes to Sleep Number support.

    6. Subtle motion isolation

    The moves/waves that make your teammates twist and turn won't hit you. The bed absorbs quite a bit of shock! It's not the best motion isolation in the business, but it's pretty good.

    7. Product from USA

    Most parts are made in the USA.

    8. Good therapeutic support

    Look for customer reviews for the Sleep Number I7 bed

    totally disappointed

    I have an i7 360 smart bed. I slept well for two nights and haven't slept since. Don't buy this bed if you like sleeping next to someone else. My wife is 75 and sleeps in this bed. I go to bed at 8 p.m. and wake up at 5 a.m. that he is lying on the box spring bed. My wife wakes up from falling towards me down the hill or from having to climb the hill to get comfortable. I wake up breathless and with another bruise or because the box spring isn't comfortable. If your number is more than 20 different ones. Not sure why this wasn't part of the sales process. I will never recommend this bed to anyone I care about.

    Beautiful dream!!!!

    I bought my mattress in October and have slept like a baby ever since. It is magic!!!

    The best bed ever!!!

    I bought the I7 Sleep Number about 1.5 months ago. This was the best bed I have ever had! My back pain is almost gone and my sleep count hovers between 87 and 96 each night, which means I'm actually sleeping through the night instead of tossing and turning. I love this bed and recommend it to everyone!


    My lovely wife bought the i7 with adjustable platform about a month ago. We like to sleep in it. The best safe rest.

    excellent sleep

    Sleep much better!

    So comfortable I never want to leave :) Verified Buyer

    big bed

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  • FAQs

    What Sleep Number do most people use? ›

    According to Sleep Number representatives, the most common Sleep Number is somewhere in the 35-40 range. With 0 being the softest bed and 100 being the firmest.

    How do I find the best Sleep Number? ›

    You can use the SleepIQ® app or your remote to find your Sleep Number setting. You'll experience a range of settings, from the firmest (100) to a very soft setting, to help you learn what level of support feels best to you. When you find your ideal Sleep Number® setting, you'll feel aligned, supported and comfortable.

    Is Sleep Number data accurate? ›

    The publication shows that SleepIQ technology, the operating system of the Sleep Number 360 smart bed, demonstrated strong correlations in measuring sleep data compared to traditional laboratory polysomnography (PSG), the current gold standard of measuring sleep.

    Why is my Sleep Number bed sagging in the middle? ›

    Because most Sleep Number beds come with two air chambers (so each person can adjust their side to their liking), if one side is significantly more firm or soft than the other, the bed is uneven and is susceptible to sag in the middle.

    Can I use my Sleep Number base with a different mattress? ›

    Our FlexFit smart adjustable bases are a final sale once delivered in the home. Although Sleep Number does not recommend it because you lose the smart features, like auto Underbed lighting and Foot Warming, you can use a different mattress on our FlexFit adjustable base.

    Can a mattress cause sciatica? ›

    Can Sciatica Be Caused by a Bad Mattress? While it's unlikely that a mattress is the root cause of sciatic nerve pain, a bad mattress can certainly exacerbate the problem. An unsupportive sleeping surface often contributes to the discomfort and may even make your symptoms worse.

    What is a good sleep score? ›

    Sleep Is in Your Heart

    Sleep score 100 means your sleep is excellent: you have slept enough and most of it has been restorative. 80–99 stand for good sleep, 50–79 for moderate and 0–49 for poor sleep. Sleep score is a combination of two variables, amount and quality of sleep.

    Can my Sleep Number bed detect sleep apnea? ›

    Over time, the smart bed's machine learning and artificial intelligence can identify out-of-norm events and alert the sleeper to pattern changes. In the future, the 360 smart bed may detect illness and alert a sleeper to potential health conditions including insomnia, sleep apnea or cardiac events.

    Which side is right on Sleep Number? ›

    White indicates Left Side. Blue Indicates Right side.

    How often should you baseline your Sleep Number bed? ›

    Baseline your bed.

    Give your bed two weeks to improve data recording. Avoid baselining your bed too often.

    Should I rotate my Sleep Number mattress? ›

    We recommend rotating and/or flipping your comfort layers at the same time you flip your top mattress cover.

    Do Sleep Number beds emit EMF? ›

    Oh, and avoid the sleep number and adjustable beds if you can–these types of plugged-in beds can emit high levels of EMFs.

    Does Medicare cover mattresses for seniors? ›

    What part of Medicare covers mattresses and beds? Medicare Part B covers much of the cost of medically necessary mattresses and beds. If a doctor and Medicare decide that it is medically necessary for you to have a specific mattress or bed, they will consider it durable medical equipment (DME).

    Can you reverse sagging mattress? ›

    To up mattress thickness, toppers are your best bet to remedy a sagging area of the mattress. Your new mattress topper will counter the sagging by creating a more even sleep surface so you can sleep peacefully, no matter your preferred sleeping position.

    Can I move my Sleep Number bed without taking it apart? ›

    The Firmness Control System is very delicate and needs to be packed tight enough in a box so that it doesn't shake or move around in transit. The Sleep Number bed frame is sturdy but can be twisted or bent while moving, so it's best to disassemble the base, frame, and headboards.

    Can you switch sides on a Sleep Number bed? ›

    Select Smart Bed. Select the edit account settings icon, top right. Select Sleeper Setup to switch sides of the bed.

    What is the best mattress thickness for an adjustable bed? ›

    Another aspect to consider is the mattress thickness since an adjustable bed will bend the head or foot of the mattress. So, you'll want a mattress that is 8 to 12 inches thick, so it is thin enough to adjust while still providing plenty of support.

    Can I move my Sleep Number bed to another room? ›

    Your Sleep Number® bed is lighter than most traditional beds, making it much easier to move. The Sleep Number® website suggests the following when moving your Sleep Number® bed using a moving company. moving. Completely disassemble and box the modular base for moving.

    What is the best sitting position for sciatica? ›

    To minimize stress to the sciatic nerve while sitting, it is recommended to sit straight with the shoulders rolled back and shoulder blades down. The legs must be hip-distance apart with feet flat on the floor.

    What is the best sleeping position for sciatica pain? ›

    On the back – Research shows that many people find relief from pain when sleeping on their back. This can relieve pressure on the low back and sciatic nerve. For best results, elevate the knees by placing one or more pillows beneath them. Make sure the neck is also supported with a pillow.

    Do people like sleep numbers? ›

    If you sleep alone and have a consistent firmness preference, Sleep Number is an overpriced option. But for couples with vastly different tastes in mattress firmness, those adjustable, air-filled chambers could be worth it.

    How many years should a Sleep Number bed last? ›

    Ordinary mattresses tend to need replacing every 8-10 years, but the Sleep Number 360® smart bed is designed to last 15 years or more. Sleep with confidence, as any warranted repair or replacement is also fully covered the first year, then prorated based on your purchase date.

    How much is the average Sleep Number bed? ›

    The majority of Sleep Number mattresses cost more than average for a new bed. This year we analyzed 340 mattresses for our ratings and found the average price for a new queen-size bed was around $2,000. If you're buying a new Sleep Number smart bed in a queen size, expect to pay in the range of $1,100 to $10,000.

    When was the best time to buy a Sleep Number bed? ›

    Although there are no guarantees on when a Sleep Number bed will be discounted, all the representatives I spoke to said that there are some sales around most major holidays, especially for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you have got one model in mind, in particular, it might be worth it to keep an eye on the price.

    Will Medicare pay for a Sleep Number adjustable bed? ›

    Does Medicare Provide Coverage for Adjustable Beds? Yes! Original Medicare does offer coverage for adjustable beds as part of a beneficiary's Part B benefits. Part B offers coverage on durable medical equipment (DME), which includes adjustable beds.

    Will Medicare pay for a Tempurpedic adjustable bed? ›

    Does Medicare cover adjustable beds? Medicare covers adjustable beds under Part B. Medicare Part B pays for outpatient medical costs, such as durable medical equipment. This includes adjustable beds.

    What age group sleeps the most? ›

    Preschoolers (3-5 years): 11-13 hours. School-aged children (6-13 years): 9-11 hours. Teenagers (14-17): 8-10 hours. Adults (18 and older): 7-9 hours.

    Does insurance cover Sleep Number beds? ›

    Are Sleep Number Adjustable Beds Covered By Insurance? Medicare covers the cost of adjustable beds only when they're prescribed by a doctor. Your doctor will need to explain your need for an adjustable bed. The same is true for most private insurance companies.

    How often should you replace your mattress? ›

    But when should you replace your mattress? Under normal conditions, mattresses should be replaced every 6 to 8 years. Of course, this is a general guideline and not a one-size-fits-all solution.

    Is a Sleep Number bed like an air mattress? ›

    A Sleep Number bed essentially is a glorified air mattress. The benefit of an air mattress (versus springs or memory foam) is that you can adjust the firmness of the bed from 0 to 100.

    What is the best month to buy a new mattress? ›

    Best Month to Buy a New Bed

    May is truly the best month to purchase your mattress, and the reason for that is fairly simple. The industry, as a whole, usually rolls out the new products in June and they are hot throughout September. So, when May comes, the companies want to clean out their older models.

    Do you flip a Sleep Number mattress? ›

    We recommend rotating and/or flipping your comfort layers at the same time you flip your top mattress cover.

    Is Christmas a good time to buy a mattress? ›

    You may also find good bundle deals for mattresses and pillows, sheets, and other accessories. You may also encounter discounts during other times of the year, such as the holiday shopping season that falls between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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