How to move a Sleep Number bed: 9 easy steps (2023)


How to move a Sleep Number bed: 9 easy steps (1)

To move a standard bed, it is necessary to lift the mattress and box spring and transport it to where it is most convenient for you. Like a Sleep Number mattress, it's quite different, but it's obvious and easy if you do it right. In order to move the Sleep Number bed, you must take care to disassemble and pack the internal components of the mattress to make it much easier to reassemble it later.

In this article we will seehow to move asleep number bed properly,Instructions for disassembling and assembling the Sleep Number bed. Also consider common mistakes when moving this type of bed.

How to move a Sleep Number bed. step by step guide

How to move a Sleep Number bed: 9 easy steps (2)

Step 1: Begin to complete the suspension number removal process.

The mattress can be opened by removing themattress cover. The zipper can be anywhere between the mattress cover and the foundation. If you are disassembling a duvet-style bed or a zippered twin bed, remove the bottom zipper.

Step 2: Remove the hoses from the mattress.

Check if there is a gray tab on each side of the mattress. Gently push the tab and gently pull the air mattress tube through the hole in the mattress pillow cover.

Step 3: Remove the internal components of the mattress.

These include air chambers, edge walls, and corner locks. It is possible to take photos of the internal parts to help you put your Sleep Number mattress back together at a later date.

Step 4 – Remove the elevation system from your bed.

This is the white box where the hoses connect. Disconnect and secure the device to protect it from damage.

Step 5: Deflated hoses should be bagged.

Use packing material to avoid damaging the air chamber.

Step 6: Place themattress coverand the viscoelastic mattress covers in the form of a double bag.

This prevents the foam comfort pads from soiling your mattress.

Step 7: Remove themattress holder.

Using a 7/16” socket, loosen the bolts to loosen the mattress supports. Be sure to store screws and other parts in a safe place. They will be needed when rebuilding your bed.

Step 8: Disassemble the modular or adjustable base.

Slide the top panels away and away from the bed frame.

Step 9 – Raise the frame legs and side rails.

Remove the wing nuts to separate them from the bed frames. Put all other parts in the bag to avoid damage or even loss during transport.

    after i diebed frameand the bed frame is removed and other parts are safely packed, it can be transported to another place.

    How to move a sleep number bed to another room

    onumber of bedsThey are lighter than traditional beds, which makes them easier to transport from one place to another. However, it may be necessary to disassemble and remove the bed module base before moving the bed.

    The number of sleeping beds is prone to skew. It is important to disassemble it and be careful when packing it. Be sure to keep your hardware and other parts in a very secure bag so they don't get lost during the move.

    How to move a Sleep Number adjustable bed?

    You may need help disassembling and moving the adjustable devicesleep number bed. Extra care is required as research suggests that improper disassembly and handling can damage the bed. Please note that removing adjustable bed frames is different for all bed frames than removing a king size bed.

    Exhaustion of all bases.

    1. Disconnect the system to be controlled and remove all cables.
    2. Secure the cables by tying them to the adjustable base of the frame.
    3. Place all remote controls and control systems firmly in the box.

    Only disassemble large bases

    1. There are two beds: Eastern and California King, Split King and FlexTop King Beds come with two individually adjustable bases. are connected throughbettgriffeabove and below. The base will be marked with tape on the right and right sides of the base to use for later reference.
    2. Unscrew the legs from the inside at the top of the bed. This allows them to move. Be careful not to let your legs come completely loose, but just enough to unbuckle the strap holding the bed.
    3. After removing the bed strap, screw the legs firmly into the adjustable feet. Repeat the process at the bottom of the bed.
    4. It is important to firmly fix the legs on the base so that they do not bend during movement.

    Sleep Number Bed Disassembly Instructions

    You can also watch the Sleep Number bed disassembly video guide for help.

    Can you change move a bed?

    The motors can move asleep number bed. First of all, follow the steps to disassemble a numbered bed, which consists of disassembling the structure and the headboard. Then bag the parts and tools and attach them to the larger bed frame so they don't get lost in transit.

    Be sure to insure yoursbed hardness control system,Bed sleep numberremote control and instructions. Pack these items in a bag and arrange them for transport to minimize shock and vibration.

    The advantage of a moving service is that the mattress can be completely assembled and transported in the mattress box. This means you can keep the mattress fully inflated and sealed. The covers are essential to transport a fully inflated mattress and above all to avoid third party costs.

    How do you move into a Sleep Number 360 bed?

    1. Get prepared. Moving the 360 ​​bed is typically a two person job and you will need these items:
      • One box contains two inches of packing material.
      • A small bag of screws.
      • six towels
      • Lid to move lid
      • a mattress bag
      • Mobile device or remote control with the SleepIQ app
    2. Inflate all filled pages by 100.
    3. Locate the air hose covers inside the base where the pump is located. It is possible to access the bomb site by using the remote control to lift the foot off the base.
    4. Connect the hoses. You can do this by pressing the gray tab and gently pulling to separate. Close the lid quickly so as not to lose all possible air chambers. Repeat the same process on the other side.
    5. Remove the magnets. Remember that magnets emit a strong magnetic field. Be sure to keep them away from each other and other metal objects to avoid potential hazards. You can do this by placing towels in between to break the connection.
    6. Put the mattress and other bedding in bags.

    How do you move a Sleep Number bed to another house?

    It is almost always necessary to move from one house to another. And since you've invested a lot of money in your bed, you probably need to change his beloved bed too.

    Moving a sleeping bed can be a challenge for some. You may want to enlist the help of professional movers to help you pack and ensure your bed is secure.

    However, if you are self-sufficient, you probably plan to disassemble, protect, and change your bed yourself. However, unless you have the support of a professional removal company, you will need to arrange safe transportation for yourself.sleep number bed. Here are some steps to help you take apart and put your bed back together:

    1. Place the double mattress bag on top of the mattress. A mattress bag is worth it, as it reduces the burden of patching up cracks by wrapping the mattress in plastic.
    2. The adhesive tape serves to protect and seal the mattress. Then fold the top of the bag over and apply masking tape to seal the mattress to make sure it's secure.
    3. Place the mattress in the vehicle. If you rent the truck and can afford it, we recommend that you place the mattress on a solid surface or against the wall of the vehicle. Make sure there are no sharp edges or surfaces that could damage the mattress.
    4. If the air mattress is placed in the car, make sure it is secured so that it does not slip. You can use an inexpensive strap that will properly tighten the mattress.

    One of the most important things to consider is protecting your mattress fabric from contact with items that could damage the mattress surface.

    Can you rearrange a Sleep Number bed and not take it with you?

    Yes, especially if you move the bed to another area or room. If the bed is in good condition, you will need help if you need to move it to another location. Be sure to use mild steel for support and stay away from foam or wood and plastic components.

    However, it is recommended to remove the legs before moving it to another location. The legs are strong enough to carry straight weights, but they are not designed to handle power from one side. If you do not remove the legs before loading the bed, false pressure can be applied which can cause them to buckle.

    Frequent questions

    Can a Sleep Number bed be taken apart?

    Of course. Proper disassembly of the Sleep Number bed ensures that all functional parts are removed and stored safely.

    Can carriers disassemble a Sleep Number bed?

    Yes, mods can break a Sleep Number bed. However, additional costs may apply.

    Can I empty my Sleep Number bed to move?

    Yes, you can empty your Sleep Number bed to move around. Begin to deflate your mattress with a controller. Deflate the chambers by pressing the down arrow. If the mattress is double chamber, press the down arrow and the left side button at the same time.

    How difficult is it to move a Sleep Number bed?

    It is not difficult to move a Sleep Number bed since it is lightweight. And even a teenager can cope with a withered system.


    The relatively light load on sleeping beds makes them easy to move. However, the disassembly and packing process requires some time and energy to transport this type of bed. It is possible to do the work yourself, but it is easier if you have support. It is important to have the user manual handy, especially if you need to return the bed to its original position after transport.

    With persistence and a little help, you can move your mattress to a new location with a little help. Be sure to insure it during transportation to avoid damage during the process.

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