How to Build a Sleep Number Bed (11 Steps) - Smart Sleep Tips (2023)

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When purchasing a Sleep Number bed, keep in mind that most of these types of beds are not delivered to your home fully assembled. Therefore, you should know how to correctly combine the accessories and layers of the bed and explore the compatibility of the bed with your sleeping habits. Fortunately, putting your bed together is easy and takes less than an hour from start to finish, including the time it takes to inflate the air cells.

The Sleep Number bed assembly guide consists of 11 steps that cover assembling a Sleep Number bed frame and mattress, setting up the firmness control system, and adjusting the bed configuration to fit your your preferences. The process takes 40 minutes, but can be shorter with a 360™ Smart Bed.

Here are the steps for putting together a Sleep Number bed:

  1. Arm a base.
  2. Place the mattress cover on the base.
  3. Secure the corner lock mechanism in place.
  4. Attach the foam walls and bottom pad.
  5. Install air chambers.
  6. Set up the force control system.
  7. DualAir™ active technology.
  8. Add layers of foam comfort.
  9. Check the location of the border line.
  10. Close the top of the mattress cover.
  11. Adjust your bedroom settings and enjoy!

Despite the clever technology behind Sleep Number beds, assembly is much easier than it sounds. So don't worry if you can't use Sleep Number's Comfort Service℠ home delivery service. This guide will show you how to put together your little piece of heaven in minutes.

How to assemble a sleep number bed

How to Build a Sleep Number Bed (11 Steps) - Smart Sleep Tips (1)

1. Assemble a base.

This first step includes assembling the modular base, side rails and foot rails of your bed if you purchased one of the Sleep Number or FlexFit™ modular bases. Both options can work independently or fit into your existing bed frame. If the latter is the case, you can proceed without installing the foot or leg supports. Having a box spring bed (that won't sag or get damaged) eliminates the need to buy a modular foundation unless you get a smart bed.

proper bed support

Factory-supplied bases conveniently come with locking rails. So if you don't want to mess with your old bed frame, include it in your purchase. You just need a screwdriver to make sure the legs fit perfectly. If you have a smart dock like the Sleep Number 360™ Smart Bed, you need to connect that too.

Sleepers with existing bed frames often have slats or a bunk board between the frame and the mattress for additional support. If you are using either of these two, make sure it is set up correctly. Fordiscos(check Amazon), you should have no more than three evenly spaced, and your spaces should be no more than 2 inches (some online resources recommend 4 inches). On the other hand, a bunkie board should be between 1 and 3 inches thick and fit snugly against the surface it rests on. Remember that you don't have to use a bunkie board if you already have battens, and vice versa.

Dream Number Duvet Set

A typical Sleep Number bed consists of easy-to-assemble rails, support beams, and top panels. Each component is labeled "A" or "B" depending on which side they are to be placed on. The pieces fit together quite easily and should click together. Secure them with the provided bobby pins.

For modular bases, install the legs first before using the crosspieces. If you go directly to the joists, you will find it a bit difficult to install the legs later. However, this step is optional if you are using an existing bed frame. With a FlexFit™ base, make sure all legs are set to the same height. For split bases, be sure to connect the base, head rails, and foot rails. When you're done, place the top panels on the frame to create a stable platform for your mattress.

You will need specific Sleep Number mounting brackets if you have an existing headboard that you want to attach to the base. Also, your base should not be on the floor; you will need modular base feet to attach the base brackets to your headboard. If you have a raised bed frame, you no longer need support legs. As a final touch, cover the base with aCeiling(see Amazon).

2. Place the mattress cover on the base.

In step 2, you begin to assemble your mattress. Depending on whether your bed has a dual system or not, the lower part of the box spring may have one or two openings. These vents should be placed at the head of the bed so that you can set up your air system correctly. If you have two of these, be sure to open the bottom as this is where all the foam, side panels, and base are located.Pillow, and the tubes go.

3. Lock the corner locking mechanism.

While queen (and larger) beds have carved side panels, most double beds have corner locks. Simply put, it is the adjacent side panels and end panels that are placed on the underside of the mattress cover that form its corners and keep its walls stable. When assembling a twin bed Sleep Number bed configuration, it is important to secure it in place before inserting the foam and air cells into the mattress.

4. Install foam walls and floor pads.

With the top of the mattress open, begin building the bed frame. First, make sure the notches or corner locks at the ends of each wall face inward, as they will help shape and complete the rest of the wall mount. Then start placing the long foam side panels along each side of the bed, followed by the end panels. After placing the side and end panels, place the basePillowflat in the middle of the mattress.

Shake the base pad before placing it on the underside of the mattress topper to prevent wrinkling of the foam. If it's two-sided, one textured side and one smooth side, make sure the smooth side is down and the smooth side is up. Don't forget to connect the air hoses later with the two hose connections to the header. With these three pieces in place, you'll have full access to the inside of the closet so you can start layering the bed and installing the air conditioner.

5. Install the air sleeves.

Next comes the installation of the air tubes: they should be placed on the base pad so that the tube connectors point toward the head end of the bed and face down when inflated. After laying the air cells flat, you can set up the air cells for your bed.

6. Set up the force control system.

Before installing and connecting the Firmness Control™ system to the air cells, make sure it is positioned correctly inside or outside the bed frame. For raised or footed baseboards, it should be within the first section of the baseboard. For floor mounted bases, the system must be removed from the base at the head end of the bed. As a precaution, you should connect the Firmness Control™ system to a surge protector; this is to ensure that your air handling unit and electronics are protected from damage from power surges or lightning.

TIP: The manufacturer's recommendation is to use avoltage protection(view on Amazon) Listed to UL® 1449, with a clamping voltage of 330 volts and a Joule rating of 700 or greater. Please also note that the Sleep Number bed's 20-year limited warranty does not cover damage to the Firmness Control™ system caused by electrical surges, regardless of source.

7. Activate a DualAir™ technology.

After you have successfully installed the Firmness Control™ system, begin connecting the hoses. Start with the left tube (usually marked with a white stripe) and feed it through the opening at the bottom of the mattress cover. Then connect the hose to the left air can until you hear a click, confirming that you have made a seal. Repeat but on the right side of the mattress. Like the left hose, the right hose is easy to find with its blue stripe marking. This step may require pulling or passing part of the tubing through the opening.

Plug the Firmness Control™ system into a working electrical outlet. After that, turn on the system and use the remote control to inflate the air chambers. But before you do that, make sure your remote has batteries (two AA batteries specifically for Sleep Number remotes), that you've downloaded the app to your smartphone, and followed the app's online setup instructions. When you've done all of that, you can turn on the system and inflate both air chambers to 100 by holding the "increase" button to start inflation.

It is always best to start with the system fully inflated, as this allows you to adjust the remaining layers of the bed overnight before adjusting for personal comfort later. With Twin System beds, keep in mind that one side or air chamber inflates at a time. then you will needA practicea little patience. Also, you will need to place the center foam wall between your fully inflated chambers and butt them together to avoid a gap between the two. This is an optional final step if you are using a single bed.

8. Add layers of comfort foam.

With the base, mattress and air chamber parts of the Sleep Number bed configuration complete, you can now fit the foam layers into the mattress topper. as basePillow, making sure the layers are evenly spaced, smooth side down and textured side up. If your Sleep Number bed has a double layer construction, you can place one of the comfort layers on top, depending on your preference. put thatduvet or mattress cover(see Amazon) or Pillow Top over the inflated air chambers, lining up the zippers. Then add border wrappers on top. Close the two pieces by connecting the zippers closest to the bottom.

TIP: Before putting on the comfort layer orPillowspread over the duvet cover or mattress and let it expand for 20 minutes.

9. Check the location of the frame line.

The foam edge wrap should now extend through all of the foam walls and comfort layers. Confirm that the edge wrap stretches for your full comfortPillowguarantees that your Sleep Number bed meets federal and state flammability requirements. It also keeps your mattress under warranty. The edge wrap should pull up the edges of the mattress and sit snug on top.

10. Close the mattress cover.

When the border wrap is correctly positioned and the mattress configuration is complete, zip the top of the comforter or mattress cover together. To close it properly, make sure the zipper is at the head of the bed and fully inserted into the zippered compartment.

This video from Gears & Gadgets shows all the steps in assembling a Sleep Number P5 bed, from building the modular base to closing the mattress cover (applies to Classic™, Performance™ and Innovation™ bed types):

11. Adjust the bedroom settings and enjoy!

Now that you've finished assembling a Sleep Number bed, it's time to customize your sleep settings to your liking. Lie down in your Smart Bed and use the remote control to slowly decrease the number of hours of sleep or firmness level until you reach your desired comfort level. Ask your partner to do the same if you have a dual system. After that, all you have to do is take a long nap or look forward to a heavenly night's sleep!

Despite the smart technology in your Sleep Number bed, you should experiment with yourself and your bedtime before determining your ideal sleep settings. When you first use the bed, the built-in sensors begin to track your sleeping movements, breathing, and heart rate. However, it takes three to four nights in any sleeping position before he can truly say that his body has adjusted to his new bed and that he has found perfect comfort.

Assembly of Sleep Number 360™ Smart Beds is easier because the mattress, split or standard, comes in one piece. It does not need to be manually assembled. Simply place the magnetic mattress pieces on top of the FlexiFit base when fully assembled. This Sleep Number video shows how easy it is to assemble a Sleep Number 360® Smart FlexFit™ bed:

Conclusion - Sleep Number Comforter Set

In summary, these are the easy steps to follow to assemble Sleep Number beds:

  1. Arm a base.
  2. Place the mattress cover on the base.
  3. Secure the corner lock mechanism in place.
  4. Attach the foam walls and bottom pad.
  5. Install air chambers.
  6. Set up the force control system.
  7. DualAir™ active technology.
  8. Add layers of foam comfort.
  9. Check the location of the border line.
  10. Close the top of the mattress cover.
  11. Adjust your bedroom settings and enjoy!

In addition to knowing how to assemble Sleep Number beds, it's just as important to have the right space for your next delivery. Your sleeping space should be large enough for you to assemble the pieces and move freely. If not, you may need to assemble your Sleep Number bed elsewhere and bring it to your bedroom, which can be a hassle depending on how your home is set up. Ultimately, have a plan before you have itdreamThe arrival of the bed is always a great way to ensure you have a smooth experience when setting it up.

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