Essay Rewrite Tool - Easiest Way for Students to Avoid Plagiarism (2023)

  1. This helps to avoid plagiarism.
    Not all plagiarism is intentional. Essay Rewriter eliminates the human factor in paraphrasing. Provides text containing a predefined number of original words.
  2. It is specially designed for students.
    The rephrasing is neither very academic nor colloquial. The resulting text style is perfectly suited to any educational need.
  3. It's easy to use.
    It would be weird to waste time researching a tool designed to save you. Essay Rewriter is intuitively clear. You can open the webpage and use it immediately.
  4. It has an adjustable percentage of paraphrased words.
    Sometimes it is necessary to preserve part of the original. Try different plans to choose the best result.
  5. It is equally functional on desktop and mobile devices.
    You can use the tool from your smartphone at home or at university. All features will be available in the mobile version.

✍️ Rewrite tool: an easy way to avoid plagiarism

Want to know when rewriting means plagiarism?

That's easy.

If you use someone else's intellectual property while pretending to own it, you are plagiarizing. If you rephrase a text that someone else wrote without referring to the original, it is plagiarism.

Even if you accidentally copy someone else's text,it is also punishable. The consequences range from bad grades and reprimands to being expelled from the educational institution or research community. Nobody likes plagiarists. People perceive them as thieves.

Nevertheless, every researcher resorts to paraphrasing. What is the recipe for balancing rewriting and plagiarism? The short answer isAlways mention the original. There's more nuance, like retelling the text in your own words rather than using synonyms here and there. But whatever method or app you use, give credit to the author.

🆚 Date vs. Rewrite vs. Plagiarism

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If you want to use someone else's words as part of your writing,You insert a quote. In this case, you must enclose the phrase or phrase in quotation marks to indicate that you are quoting. Then add a citation with the page number and the author's name.

When to quote?

There is a general rule that if more than four words in a row match the source, you should enclose them in quotation marks.

But if the sentence or paragraph you want to use is too long, it's better to paraphrase it. In this case, the quotation marks are unnecessary. However, paraphrases also require citations at the end of the paraphrased text and in the bibliography. Make sureChange the words and their orderto avoid plagiarism.

You can check out the examples of citations, rewrites, and plagiarism below. Compare them to see the difference and never have trouble using someone else's text in your research paper or essay again.

Quote: Example

the appointment ofa book by Oliver Sacksbelow contains quotation marks and a reference to the original according to APA citation style.

"Scientific exploration of the relationship between the brain and mind began in 1861, when Broca in France discovered that specific difficulties in the expressive use of language, aphasia, constantly followed damage to a specific part of the left brain. Brain. . This paved the way for cerebral neurology, which for decades made it possible to "map" the human brain by attributing specific powers: linguistic, intellectual, perceptual, etc. - to equally specific "centres" in the brain. By the end of the century, it was becoming clear to the most astute observers that this kind of mapping was too simplistic, that all mental achievements had a complicated inner structure and had to have an equally complex physiological basis. (Sacks, 1998, p. 5)

Rewrite: example

The following rewrite example contains all essential functions. All grammatical structures of the sentences have been changed. Most of the words have been replaced with synonyms and, more importantly,contains a reference to the original. You can use this example as well.

In The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat: And Other Clinical Accounts, Sacks (1998) describes the beginnings of brain and mental research. In particular, Broca was the first to discover the relationship between aphasia and the damaged part of the left hemisphere. This discovery heralded a breakthrough in brain neurology. Within a few decades, people have described the structure of the brain in terms of its functions and the centers responsible for them. Researchers later found that this approach oversimplified mental processes. On the contrary, the human brain has a complicated psychological structure and its functioning is much more complex.

Plagiarism: example

This plagiarism test does not change the sentence structure and often uses the same word order. Removing subordinate clauses and replacing some words with synonyms is not enough for a good paraphrase.Plagiatsprüferwill recognize this passage as the original. But if your bad paraphrase is exposed, you will be punished. Its main disadvantage is the lack of recognition of the original.

The study of the brain and mind began in 1861 when Broca discovered that specific difficulties in the expressive use of language generally followed damage to the left hemisphere. This led to the development of cerebral neurology, which made it possible to "map" the human brain. Scientists have been assigned specific powers: intellectual, verbal, perceptual, etc. - to specific areas of the brain. By the end of the century it was evident that such mapping was too simplistic. Therefore, all mental activities have a complicated internal structure and must have an equally complicated physiological basis.

I hope the above tips and examples are helpful to you. By the way, summarizing the sources used is another way to avoid plagiarism, if of course you name the author. If you need to summarize something, use oursfree tool!

❓ Essay Writing Tool: Frequently Asked Questions

📌 What does rewrite mean?

Rewriting means to paraphrase the original writing to get a new text. The plagiarism level defines the quality of the paraphrase, i. H. the lower the better. There are hundreds of free rewriting tools online these days, including Essay Rewriter, which can turn any text into a plagiarism-free manuscript.

📌 How to paraphrase?

  1. Read the source and jot down the essentials.
  2. Begin each sentence at a different point than in the original.
  3. Rewrite only the most important parts and leave out the less critical parts.
  4. Skip all the above hassles and automate the process with Essay Rewriter.

📌 What is the best article rewriter?

Essay Rewriter is the best online tool to rewrite an article. It allows you to choose the level of paraphrasing based on your needs. The whole process requires just a few clicks. Its main advantage is that it is completely free and easy to use.

📌 Is Article Rewriting Legal?

Paraphrasing the article is fine as long as you include a proper reference to the source and paraphrase it enough to make it sound original. Otherwise, the copyright owner can disclose your infringement. This can have legal, financial or reputational consequences. But the use of shared knowledge does not require acknowledgment of the original. For example, the names of capitals, presidents or nationalities are generally known.

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How do you rewrite an essay without plagiarizing it? ›

5 ways to avoid plagiarism in your writing
  1. 1 Cite your source. ...
  2. 2 Include quotations. ...
  3. 3 Paraphrase. ...
  4. 4 Present your own idea. ...
  5. 5 Use a plagiarism checker.
Apr 25, 2023

Is there an app that rewrites essays to avoid plagiarism? ›

QuillBot's Paraphraser helps you write better, faster, and smarter. Our rewording tool is free and easy to use—with just the click of a button, the paraphrasing tool will rephrase your sentence, paragraph, essay, or article to your liking, with many options available to customize and perfect the reworded text.

How do you rewrite a paragraph to avoid plagiarism for free? ›

With these recommendations, you'll always rewrite correctly and without plagiarizing.
  1. Substitute words with synonyms. To some terms, such as "globalization," you'll hardly find alternatives. ...
  2. Change the sentence structure. Use various conjunctions or break the sentences up.
  3. Swap parts of speech. ...
  4. Play with the grammar.

How can students avoid plagiarism essay? ›

Best Practices for Avoiding Plagiarism
  1. Don't procrastinate with your research and assignments. Good research takes time. ...
  2. Commit to doing your own work. If you don't understand an assignment, talk with your professor. ...
  3. Be 100% scrupulous in your note taking. ...
  4. Cite your sources scrupulously. ...
  5. Understand good paraphrasing.

Can QuillBot be detected? ›

Since QuillBot is not considered AI writing, most plagiarism checkers will not flag its use. That said, we make no guarantees if someone uses QuillBot on text generated by a tool like ChatGPT.

What website writes essays for you without plagiarizing? ›

Choose a Legit Essay Writing Service for Your Needs
  • PaperHelp: Top-Rated Essay Writing Site.
  • BBQPapers: Best Paper Writing Service for Complex Tasks.
  • SpeedyPaper: Reliable Writing Service With Great Reputation.
  • ExpertWriting: Trusted Essay Writing Service With Quick Turnaround.
  • GradeMiners: The Fastest Essay Writing Service.
Sep 19, 2022

Is QuillBot enough to avoid plagiarism? ›

QuillBot's detects plagiarism in your text and makes sure that it is plagiarism-free. Once you get your percentage of similar text from the plagiarism checker, make sure to go back through your paper to ensure that the similar text has been cited properly.

How good is QuillBot at avoiding plagiarism? ›

A great tool for paraphrasing and removing plagiarism is Quillbot. its Quillbot'sIts ability to paraphrase text while preserving the original sentence's meaning and structure is one of its strongest capabilities. This guarantees that the text that has been paraphrased is both original and simple to grasp.

Does QuillBot pass plagiarism? ›

QuillBot's Plagiarism Checker. Scan your document for unintentional plagiarism against billions of sources. QuillBot's Plagiarism Checker analyzes whether any section of your text did not properly attribute authorship to content already published on the web or in books, research papers, academic papers, or news sources ...

What is the trick to avoid plagiarism? ›

You can avoid plagiarism by:

Keeping track of the sources you consult in your research. Paraphrasing or quoting from your sources (and adding your own ideas) Crediting the original author in an in-text citation and in your reference list. Using a plagiarism checker before you submit.

How do you avoid plagiarism by just changing words? ›

Don't just change a few words

But even if you use a thesaurus to change every word, the original author's sentence structures are unchanged. To properly use another author's idea, you should rewrite it in your own words (while still citing the original source).

What is the app that rewrites plagiarism? ›

QuillBot is a paraphrasing and summarizing tool that helps millions of students and professionals cut their writing time by more than half using state-of-the-art AI to rewrite any sentence, paragraph, or article.

What app can I use to avoid plagiarism? ›

Grammarly's plagiarism checker detects plagiarism in your text and checks for other writing issues. Catch plagiarism from ProQuest databases and over 16 billion web pages.

What are the 6 ways to avoid plagiarism? ›

Here are some ways to avoid plagiarism.
  • Allow ample time for writing and revision. ...
  • Use quotation marks and give the source. ...
  • Paraphrase the original text in your words and cite the source. ...
  • Read widely on many topics and read good writers. ...
  • Record the bibliographic details of sources accurately.
Aug 6, 2021

Is Grammarly better than QuillBot? ›

Quillbot is a better option if you're looking primarily for a paraphrasing tool, and Grammarly is a better option if you're looking for a more robust grammar-checking AI. ProWritingAid provides even more advanced analysis than either Grammarly or Quillbot.

Does QuillBot flag up on Turnitin? ›

Turnitin can detect some small amount of Quillbot depending on the settings of your Quillbot. For example, if your paper was 100% plagiarized but you chose to use Quillbot software to paraphrase it, then it can detect about 35% of the plagiarism if you use the standard or simple Quillbot modes.

Can Turnitin detect Chegg? ›

Turnitin can check Chegg and detect plagiarism in your papers if you copied the content from Chegg. Ideally, Turnitin checks anything that is posted on the internet, including Chegg, unless if a website is not public.

Can you get caught using an essay writer? ›

Can you get caught using an essay writing service? Yes, if you hire a low-rated essay writing service, you could get detected. There are major penalties for students who purchase poorly written essays and papers from essay writing companies. You can avoid these risks, though, by hiring a professional service.

Is EssayPro plagiarized? ›

Is EssayPro reliable? EssayPro is a fully legit company that protects the privacy of its customers. Using Turnitin plagiarism software to ensure that the orders are completely unique, gives students a sense of confidence in their work.

Is copying an essay illegal? ›

Every student must realize that it is illegal and a serious offense, which leads to serious consequences. In an academic world, they vary from college to college. You may receive F for your paper if it's not written from scratch, or you will be suspended or dismissed from an academic course or college for a while.

Is QuillBot cheating in college? ›

Using a paraphrasing tool like QuillBot to generate content is not necessarily plagiarism in itself, as long as the resulting content is properly attributed and cited if necessary. However, it is important to understand that paraphrasing tools are not perfect and may not always produce accurate or appropriate results.

How reliable is QuillBot plagiarism checker? ›

QuillBot plagiarism checker is excellent for checking your content through research papers. The QuillBot plagiarism checker scans 20 pages a month, including around 5000 words each. All and all, the plagiarism checker is an excellent help for essayists, academic writers, etc.

What are the disadvantages of QuillBot? ›

Quillbot Cons

GPT-3 AI writing is not available. Character limitation for free as well as paid plans. No AI Content Detection; Manual intervention is often needed.

What is the most reliable plagiarism checker? ›

Per our in-depth research, Scribbr is the most accurate plagiarism checker. Many free plagiarism checkers fail to detect all plagiarism or falsely flag text as plagiarism. Plagiarism checkers work by using advanced database software to scan for matches between your text and existing texts.

Is QuillBot worth the money? ›

QuillBot Premium is worth paying for if you need to check your work for plagiarism (but the expense can add up if you're producing more than 20 pages per month!). Also, if you struggle to make your writing concise and clear, the paid paraphrasing modes can be useful.

Is Grammarly plagiarism checker good? ›

While there are several plagiarism-detecting tools, Grammarly, to our best knowledge, is the most accurate plagiarism checker. It detects plagiarism against a database of 16 billion web pages along with that of ProQuest.

Is QuillBot safe for paraphrasing? ›

"Quillbot is the best software to avoid plagiarism and paraphrase texts for your own use."

Does paraphrasing still count as plagiarism? ›

Paraphrasing without crediting the original author is a form of plagiarism, because you're presenting someone else's ideas as if they were your own. However, paraphrasing is not plagiarism if you correctly cite the source.

Does Turnitin catch paraphrasing tools? ›

No, Turnitin is not capable of checking for plagiarism by word-for-word matches. Instead, it looks at the overall text and how it is expressed. So if you paraphrase without changing the original text's meaning, you should be fine.

How do I copy and paste without plagiarizing? ›

For research-based written work, there are rules to follow in order not to be accused of copying/pasting or plagiarism: put text in quotes, add references and footnotes, apply citation standards, write a bibliography, etc. In order to promote copyright and intellectual property, you must indicate the sources you use.

Does rewriting remove plagiarism? ›

Avoid Plagiarism Using Rewording Tool

Paraphrasing is an easy method to eliminate plagiarism from any kind of content. However, the manual method to paraphrase a text demands an extensive amount of effort from your end, and it can still leave some instances of plagiarism.

What is the 5 word rule plagiarism? ›

Students may pick up too many of the writer's phrases. As a rule of thumb, five of the writer's words in a row constitute plagiarism of another persons 's words. Students may also fail to give the writer's ideas the credit they are due.

How can college students avoid plagiarism? ›

Here are a few strategies to consider to help you avoid plagiarism.
  1. Cite your sources (all of them). Any time you are presenting information that is not yours, the original source must be cited. ...
  2. Use quotes. ...
  3. Use plagiarism detection software. ...
  4. Provide your own thoughts and ideas. ...
  5. When in doubt, ask.
Jun 24, 2020

What are plagiarism tools? ›

Plagiarism tools are the modern tools that we use to detect the portions of duplicate or copied content in everything from research journals to site content. They are very quick, exact and can work in numerous languages.

What are two types of plagiarism and how can you avoid them? ›

Pay attention to make sure you aren't accidentally breaking the cardinal rule of learning.
  • Copying and pasting. This is the most obvious form of plagiarism. ...
  • Collaborating too closely with classmates. Be really careful on this one. ...
  • Using a source without attributing it correctly. ...
  • Copying someone's idea without citation.
May 9, 2016

How do you restate without plagiarizing? ›

Paraphrase. Reread: Reread the original passage until you understand its full meaning. Write on your own: Set the original aside, and write your paraphrase on a note card. Connect: Jot down a few words below your paraphrase to remind you later how you envision using this material.

How do you revise someone else's essay? ›

Here are six steps you can take to peer edit someone's writing:
  1. Prepare to edit. ...
  2. Read through the entire piece. ...
  3. Proofread and revise smaller errors. ...
  4. Edit for content errors. ...
  5. Give the writer feedback. ...
  6. Have a discussion with the writer. ...
  7. Read the piece aloud. ...
  8. Make your edits clear.
Jun 24, 2022

How do you rewrite someone else's essay? ›

❓ Essay Rewriter FAQ

To rewrite an essay, article, or paragraph in your own words, you need to read the text first. Do that several times to make sure you understand the author's message. Making notes while reading is a good idea. After that, you can put the original text aside and write your own summary.

How to copy and paste without getting caught for plagiarizing? ›

How to avoid being accused of plagiarism
  1. Write articles in your own words.
  2. Cite any articles you use.
  3. Use quotation marks for any phrases, sentences or paragraphs you have copied from another article.

How can a student avoid plagiarizing accidentally? ›

Five Easy Ways to Avoid Accidental Plagiarism
  1. Scrupulously acknowledge prior relevant work. ...
  2. Use quotation marks for direct quotes. ...
  3. Use your own words when paraphrasing the ideas of others. ...
  4. When taking notes, clearly indicate direct quotations. ...
  5. Provide citations even for commonly known facts.

How can I write my own words without plagiarizing? ›

Paraphrasing without Plagiarizing
  1. Paraphrasing means restating others' ideas in an accurate way.
  2. Paraphrasing uses different words and sentence structure than the original text.
  3. Paraphrasing should avoid quoted words or phrases whenever possible.
  4. Paraphrasing must include proper integration.
May 4, 2023

What are 3 ways you can revise your essay? ›

Successful revision involves bringing the strongest ideas to the front of the essay, reordering the main points, and cutting irrelevant sections. It also involves making the argument's structure visible by strengthening topic sentences and transitions.

Can I reuse an essay I wrote? ›

Self-plagiarism is one of the most common types of academic misconduct. It's fairly understandable because it seems like you should be able to reuse your own paper. But by nearly all academic (and sometimes professional) standards, submitting a paper twice is plagiarism.

How do I make sure my essay is plagiarized? ›

Plagiarism Checker by Grammarly. Grammarly's plagiarism checker detects plagiarism in your text and checks for other writing issues.

What is the app that rewrites essays? ›

QuillBot can instantly improve your writing, cut out unnecessary words, and help you deliver a clear message. Find the Right Synonym QuillBot helps you find the perfect word every time with a built-in thesaurus function to easily change individual words.

What is the free website to rewrite essays? ›

What is Spinbot? Spinbot is a free, automatic article spinner that will rewrite human readable text intoadditional, intelligent, readable text. Similarly, if you need a paraphrasing tool, Spinbot will get the job done for you for that purpose as well.

Is essay editing allowed? ›

The simple answer is yes! Most universities allow outside proofreading for longer texts like a Ph. D. dissertation, but for normal essays be certain to double check your department and university guidelines.


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