10 super simple white shapes without whitening. (2023)

You can soften your clothes by following these simple tips to update your clothes. You don't even have to wear bleach to clean your clothes and remove stains and smells.

The best ways to clean and refresh your clothes are accessible, friendly and suitable for colorful clothes.

You can use these simple recommendations as a powerful clothing additive that protects your skin and the environment. This works well with all your clothes to wash white, lighten the colors and eliminate smells.

Here are some super simple forms of fighting and white without bleaching that you need to know.

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1. Remove the environment with the environment

10 super simple white shapes without whitening. (2)

You can get rid of sticky points and smells and soften your clothes with an eco -point remover.

The best stains that those who remember are not annoying or corrosive, as they do not contain chlorine or Natron recording.

They come in the form of aerosol or fluid to eliminate their stubborn points and smells. They are completely compositionable, natural and with ecological ingredients.

The eco -point remover uses innovative formulas to remove dots and smells and work in colors and whites.

Take a look at our best selectionRemove with a blindness of environmentally friendly clothingWhite actually very white and to make them new.

2. White vinegar

10 super simple white shapes without whitening. (3)

With a water vinegar solution and white vinegar, it can easily produce a very strong cleaning product. It is a natural home cleaner that can illuminate white lights, illuminate colors and eliminate odors.

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Buy White Vinegar

Use of white vinegar is a less toxic and plastic solution as it eliminates unnecessary cleaning bottles.

The amount of vinegar you need depends on how many clothes you want to clean.

White vinegar is a natural cleansing that cleanses and immediately updates your shoe clothes and clothes without damaging them. To put your items in a pool soaked for at least half an hour.

Then use cold or moderately hot water and try to remove the stain or remaining smell in your clothes by hand.

And do not scrape the solemn points. You can distribute and permanently damage the fabric.

Do not worry. It will not smell to vinegar. With the essential oils of your choice, you can also add an aromatic fragrance to the mixture. Athletic oils made of natural extracts are perfect for leaving clothes and without waste or hard smell.

Buy essential oils

Be sure not to use a lot of vinegar, because some fragile colors may disappear. Use the fragrant vinegar solution instead of the traditional bleach. This mixture eliminates blemishes and smells and gives your clothes a fresh fragrance.

Read our final guide to everything you need to knowHow to clean your clothes with vinegar.

3. Backpulver

10 super simple white shapes without whitening. (4)

Powder yeast is another fantastic method for illuminating white without money laundering agents. It's very effective against annoying points, waste and smells and, of course, leaves your clothes just smelling.


It can produce an effective cleaning solution with four tablespoons of glass dust.

The baking powder will soften your clothes if you wait enough.

You can repeat these steps until your clothes are clean enough and the stains and disappear.

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You can read our guide to everything you need to knowUse the yeast to clean the clothes.


10 super simple white shapes without whitening. (5)

To show your clothes effectively without bleach, soaked in hot water and organic soap for at least one hour and then repeat.

Some of the best soaps you can use are natural soaps, free of organic oils, herbs, spices, plant butter, pure essential oils and free chemical ingredients.

Look for eco -friendly plants from plant -based ingredients and avoid remedies for animals, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, phosphates, oil and synthetic fragrance.

Buy Organic Soap

Dip your clothes for long periods of time, but not long if you risk damaging the tissue. Delicate tissues require a lower temperature of water and soft soaps.


10 super simple white shapes without whitening. (6)

Cleaning agents are the best cleaning products. They are super practical and powerful to eliminate spots and smells, lighten colors and white without whitening.

Specific liquid detergents point to the largest number of points and odors. Survey the detergent carefully to the color area until it is clarified.

Avoid all detergents according to chlorine as it can melt fibers, dyes and damage. It does not use acetone or organic solvents. They will dissolve many types of fiber and cause crazy damage.

Do not use too much detergent. Make the correct amount, liquid or solid. The number of cleaning agents you need depends on how much clothes you should clean.

Check out our accessible selection andEcological detergentWhite White.

6. Mineral oil

10 super simple white shapes without whitening. (7)

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Mineral oil can also help you eliminate whites and blemishes without help to lighten. Design the colorful mixture, toilet and light fat directly in the color area and scrub smoothly.

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Mineral oil is a common ingredient in many personal care products such as baby oil. It is equipped in different ways (oils, gels, liquids) and is also used in furniture enamel, wood treatment products and steel wipersstainless.

You can use mineral oil as a method before washing to remove super simple points. Apply a little in the stained area, soak and dry, clean them and rinse them with cold water.

7. Hydrogen peroxide

10 super simple white shapes without whitening. (8)

Hydrogen peroxide is an effective solution for whitening white clothes. This smooth anti -support agent, oxidizing and bleaching agent, clean and refresh your clothes and make it new.

Load hydrogen peroxide

Dilute a hydrogen peroxide solution in the water to prepare an efficient cleaner for irritating points and odors. It is a strong disinfectant with antiviral and antibacterial properties.

You can use hydrogen peroxide to lighten white colors and lighten, disinfect and eliminate clothes. It's a fantastic substitute for bleach, which you can use together with your favorite detergent.

8. Lemon cleaner

10 super simple white shapes without whitening. (9)

Another way to lighten your whitening clothes is to make a natural wiper with orange or lemon peel or juice at home.

You can easily make a mixture of natural and natural cleaning mixture with orange or lemon. Tyrus fruits are very effective against spots and smells. They also give your clothes a wonderful fragrance.

Carry Lemon Juice

You need a cup of fruit base ingredients, mixed with 3 cups of water. Make the cleaning solution, apply -a to the color area and soak for at least half an hour.

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Natural and homemade cleaning products are probably the most affordable and environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional cleaning products. They are healthy and safe for your skin and planets.

If you choose a simple DIY solution, you can save money. You can create your sustainable fabric cleaner at home without additional devices. Use to clean and update your clothes without damaging the environment.

9. Dry cleaning service

Alternatively, you can provide your clothing and acrylic paint to the next dry cleaning service. If everything else fails, despite your efforts, use the services of a professional cleaner.

Contact local chemical cleaning if you can't get color stains or smells of your clothes and shoes at home. You can easily find the next on -line dry cleaning service.

Professional dry cleaning services can save the day for heavy dots and smells in their clothes.

10. Chestnittens de Chlerler

Most washing agents contain hazardous ingredients that are not safe for the skin or the environment. To show your clothes effectively in a better way, you can wear chlorine bleach related to color and environment.

Chlorine -free Bleach offers many advantages over regular washing agents. It does not contain synthetic aromas, dyes or pollutants and cool their clothes without chemicals and harmful toxins.

Take a look at our best selectionColor -afe and chlorine free blankerWhite actually very white and to make them new.

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10 super simple white shapes without whitening. (11)

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