10 super simple forms to lighten white without whitering (2023)

You can lighten your clothes following these simple tips to update your clothes. You still have to wear bleach to clean your clothes and remove stains and smells.

The best ways to clean and refresh your clothes are accessible, environmentally friendly and suitable for colorful clothing. You can wear homemade, natural solutions or ecological laundry products of sustainable brands.

You can use these simple recommendations is like a powerful edition of Lavandería that protects your skin and the environment. They work well in your clothes to bite the white, illuminate colors and eliminate odors.

Here are some super simple ways to fight points and white without you have to know.

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1. Remove from ecologically correct spots

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You can get rid of sticky spots and smells and lighten your clothes with an ecological remover. Clean and refresh your clothes without toxic ingredients.

The best stains removatives are not irritating or corrosive, since they do not contain a chlorine or an engraving snatron. They repeat hazardous chemicals that occur in traditional laundry products with ecological and softer ingredients.

They come in spray or liquid to eliminate their stubborn points and smells. They are completely composed, natural and made with ecological ingredients.

The elimination of eco-many uses innovative formulas to eliminate spots and odors and colors and white works. Work with your favorite detergent to help you fight errors and hard smells.

Take a look at our selection of the bestEcological laundry fuel removerEffectively lighten the white and make them again on the sheet.

2. White vinegar

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It can easily produce a very powerful cleaning product with a solution of white water and vinegar.It is a completely natural, homemade keys that can help you lighten white colors and illuminate and eliminate odors.

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The use of white vinegar is a less toxic and plastic solution because it eliminates unnecessary cleaning bottles. You can also look for free products made of vinegar in farmers or some supermarkets.

The amount of vinegar you need depends on how many clothes you want to clean.

White vinegar is a natural cleaning that cleanses and immediately refreshes their clothes and shoes without damaging them. They placed their objects in an immersion bowl for at least half an hour.

Then use cold or moderately hot water and try to manually eliminate the remaining spot or smell in your clothes. Lite in the fibers in cold water.

And do not rub stains vigorously.

Do not worry. You don't smell like any vinegar. You can also add an aromatic perfume to mix with the essential oils of your choice. Essential oils made of natural extracts are perfect to ruin your clothes and not leave waste or hard smell.

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Be sure not to use much vinegar because some fragile colors can disappear. You are the fragrant vinegar solution instead of the traditional bleach. These mixtures eliminate spots and smells and give their clothes a fresh perfume.

Read our last guide of everything you need to knowHow to clean your clothes with vinegar.

3. Backpulver

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Sodium bicarbonate is another fantastic form of lightening white without bleach. It is very effective against irritating areas, waste and smells and leaves its clothes naturally with a fresh smell.

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It can produce an effective cleaning solution with four tablespoons of baking powder through a glass of water. Then apply the mixture to the stained area and leave its effects for at least an hour.

The sodium bicarbonate illuminates your clothes when you wait enough time. It from your clothes to dry.

You can repeat these steps until your clothes are clean enough and the spots disappear. Repeat the application of sodium baked dust and let your clothes immerse themselves until you are satisfied with the results.

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You can read our guide of everything you need to knowUse baking powder to clean your clothes.

4. Bio -Soap

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To effectively facilitate your bleach without bleach, immerse yourself in hot water and organic soap for at least an hour and then repeat them. Water and natural soap are enough to update your clothes if smells or spots are not exceptionally difficult.

Some of the best soaps you can use are natural soaps and organic oils, herbs, spices, vegetable butter, oils and pure essential ingredients without chemical products.

Look for ecological products of vegetable ingredients and avoid means, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, phosphates, oil and synthetic fragrance.

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Immerse yourself for long periods of time, but not much because you damage the tissue. Delicate fabrics require a lower water temperature and soft soaps.

5. Ecological detergent

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Cleaning agents are final cleaning products. They are super practical and powerful to eliminate spots and smells, enlightened colors and legs without bleach.

Specific liquid detergents point to the most stubborn spots and odors. Develop the detergent gently on the color surface until it is clarified.

Avoid any chlorine detergent because it can melt fibers, dyes and damaged fabrics. It can not wear organic acetone or solvents. Disseches many types of fiber and causes irreversible damage to your clothes.

Do not wear too many cleaning agents. It has the correct, liquid or tight amount. The amount of cleaning agents that it needs depends on how much clothes have to clean.

See our accessible selection andCleaning agents for ecological clothingTo lighten the target.

6. Mineral oil

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Mineral oil can also help you facilitate whites and eliminate errors without bleach. Diseñe the colorless, toilet and oily mixture directly in the spotted area and rub gently.

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Mineral oil is a frequent part of many personal care products, such as baby oil.stainless.

You can use mineral oil as a collection for super simple stains.

7. Hydrogen peroxide

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Hydrogen peroxide is an effective solution for the embedding of clothing without bleach. This anti -support means, oxidizing and cleaning soft target and refreshing your clothes and making it new again.

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Dilute a hydrogen peroxide solution in the water to prepare an efficient cleaning agent against trachem spots and smells. It is a strong disinfectant with antiviral and antibacterial properties.

You can use hydrogen peroxide for white and illuminate the colors, disinfect clothes and remove spots.

8. Lemon Cleaner

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Another way to lighten your bleach without whitering is to make a natural cleaning with orange peels, lemon or juice at home.

It can easily produce a completely natural cleaning, mixing orange or lemon water. Citrus fruits are very effective against spots and smells. They also give their clothes a wonderful perfume.

Buy lemon juice

You need a fruit base cup that mixes with 3 cups.

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Natural and national fabric cleaning products are undoubtedly the most affordable and ecological alternatives to traditional cleaning products. They are healthy and safe for their skin and the planet.

If you choose a simple DIY solution, you can even save money. You can create your sustainable fabric cleaner at home without additional devices.


Alternatively, you can provide your clothes and acrylic paint shoes in the closest chemical cleaning service. If everything else fails despite your best efforts, use the services of a professional wiper.

Contact a local chemical cleaner if you do not get stains or ink odors from your clothes and shoes at home.

Professional dry cleaning services can save the day for stains and heavy smells in your clothes.

10. Blite that cloro

Most whiters contain dangerous ingredients that are not safe for their skin or environment. To effectively lighten their clothes in a better way, you can wear ecological bleach, safe for color and chlorine.

Chlorine laundering remedies offer many advantages over normal bleaching. It does not contain synthetic aromas, draft or contaminated and cool their clothes without chemicals and harmful toxins.

Take a look at our selection of the bestColorless and chlorine blachesEffectively lighten the white and make them again on the sheet.

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10 super simple forms to lighten white without whitering (11)

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